After Da Let Child Sex Trafficker Walk Free, Child Victim Killed Him, Now She's Facing Life

After DA Let Child Sex Trafficker Walk Free, Child Victim Killed Him, Now She’s Facing Life

Kenosha County District Attorney Michael Gravely had a chance to protect Chrystul Kizer from her sex trafficker but he failed. Not only did he set free the accused sex traficker, Randy Volar III, 34, but he is now blaming the victim, Volar’s killer, the young girl who was being sex trafficked by Volar on

Four months before Chrystul Kizer, 18, killed her abuser, Volar was arrested on child sexual assault charges and possession of child pornography, in possession of hundreds of videos of child pornography, which even included homemade videos staring Volar having sex with the extremely young girls he was trafficking.

In June of 2018, Kiser was just 17-years-old when she fatally shot Volar and burned his house down. A year earlier, when she was 16, she met the pedophile sex trafficker who immediately began advertising the young black girl on Backpage. Since then, the website has been shuttered for doing just that, selling young girls for sex on the internet. Backpage was closed down by the feds in 2018.

After Da Let Child Sex Trafficker Walk Free, Child Victim Killed Him, Now She's Facing Life

Gravely, who had a chance to put Volar away for the rest of his natural life, rid Kenosha, WI of a known child sex trafficker, and keep his town safe, allowed Volar to walk free without posting one red cent for bail. We at TFTP know Gravely as the DA who refuses to reopen the investigation into Michael Bell, Jr., a Kenosha young man who was killed by cops in his own driveway.

Michael Bell, Sr. has worked tirelessly to compel Gravely into holding the killer cops accountable for his son’s homicide which took place in front of Bell’s own family. Now, it seems, Gravely’s ineptitude is rising to the surface, once again the result of judicial inaction.

According to the local news coverage of the incident, and the recent expose’ by the Washington Post:

Four months before his death, police arrested Volar on charges that included child sexual assault, but they then let him go without bail, according to The Washington Post. During the course of their investigation, police found “hundreds” of child pornography videos, and more than 20 “home videos” of Volar with underage black girls, according to files given to Kizer’s family and reviewed by the Washington Post.

Gravely cannot bravely accept his inaction and blame himself for not locking up the 33-year-old alleged pedophile. Instead, he blames Kizer, saying no matter what torture she endured as a sex trafficking victim, she had no legal right to kill her oppressor — apparently, even if her very life was in danger and it was an act of self-defense.

If somebody commits crimes against you, even horrible crimes, that you aren’t allowed to go kill them in response.

Gravely told the local media his office would have ended up charging Volar with the crimes with which he was charged but now that he’s dead that’s not possible.

Kenosha County District Attorney Michael Gravely told the Kenosha News that police had sent the case to his office three months later and a prosecutor requested more info from police. Gravely said that info didn’t arrive until the day Volar’s body was discovered.

How convenient for Gravely it seems. Not only can he now say he was working on charging Volar but can paint Kizer as a teenaged vigilante who bragged about killing her oppressor on social media.

Unfortunately for Gravely, not only would Kizer not be charged with murder but Volar would still be alive had Gravely’s office done its job and kept a pedophile, sex trafficker, child pornography producer, and child rapist where he belonged, behind bars.

Unlike Volar, Kizer is being held on a million dollars bond. Her trial is set for March of the coming year.

Kizer’s case is incredibly similar to that of Cyntoia Brown — another sex trafficked teen who killed her trafficker. Brown was born into a family in which her mother and her grandmother were all sex trafficked, repeatedly raped, and abused.

Brown was only a child the first time her ‘owner’ Kutthroat would pimp her out to pedophiles who had their way with her. Just like Kizer is facing life behind bars, she was sent jail for life for killing one of those pedophiles. However, after 15 years, she was let out of jail. She is now a free woman.