Drag Queen Storytime Author Likes Pedophile Insta Post

Favorite Drag Queen Storytime Author ‘Likes’ Pedophile Instagram Post

A children’s author, whose books are frequently read at Drag Queen Story Hour events across the country, was caught “liking” an Instagram picture posted by a proud pedophile.

A screenshot shows kid’s author Todd Barnes liked an image of a triangle spiral tattoo, which is a symbol for a “boy lover.”

The hashtags accompanying the photo include #YBL, (young boy lover) #gaypedo, #pedo, #boylove, #boylover, #youngboylover and others.

Drag Queen Storytime Author Likes Pedophile Insta Post

Conservative actress Mindy Robinson called the author out on Twitter, writing, “Hey Todd Parr is there a particular reason that you (a children’s book author) would ‘like’ a pro-pedophile Instagram post?”

“I feel like even if you pretend to not know what that symbol means that the hashtags were a dead giveaway,” she added.

Check out another post of the proud pedo getting inked and bragging about his “young boy lover tattoo”:

Pedo Tattoo

Instagram user Kage Jackson, who has since deleted his account, used to have a profile describing himself as a “Bisexual Nudist. YBL,” with a spiral symbol and rainbow flag.

Kage Jackson Instagram

Documents released in the WikiLeaks data dump show the “boy lover” logo that perfectly matches Jackson’s tattoo.

Fbi Logos And Symbols Used By Pedophiles

But, just in case anyone misses the pedo symbol on his upper thigh, Jackson has a matching tattoo on the inside of his wrist.

Pedo Symbol Wrist

Todd Parr, the author who “liked” the pro-pedophile Instagram post, is a favorite author of the Drag Queens who read to children at Drag Queen Story Hour.

In April, a Drag Queen Story Hour participant in Houston, Texas was outed as a pedophile.


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Below is just a sample of Instagram posts Parr is tagged in:

By Kelen McBreen, Guest writer