Finland Life Sentence For Afghan Migrant Who Raped And Burned Girl Alive

Finland Is Sane: Life Sentence for Afghan Migrant Who Raped and Burned Girl Alive

Finnish Supreme Court decided that the life sentence for the murderer of a 17-year-old girl will remain in force.

Afghan refugee Ramin Azimi, murdered and burned his Finnish girlfriend alive in January 2015, after a dispute. He appealed against his former life sentence at Finland’s Supreme Court on Thursday.

According to media in Finland, “he couldn’t deal with her ending their relationship”.

The court states that Azimi “first raped the girl in a nightclub in Ulvila. Then he transported her to the town of Kokemäki by car, moved her to a wooden house, doused her in gasoline and burned her alive.”

Finland Life Sentence For Afghan Migrant Who Raped And Burned Girl Alive

Extremely worrying: 93% Of Migrant Sex Crimes In Finland Are Committed By Migrants From Islamic Countries

Several European girls have already been murdered or raped by migrants. In Germany, Maria Ladenburger was murdered by an Afghan migrant and in Sweden Alexandra Mezher was stabbed to death by a Somali migrant.

Austrian and other European girls in Vienna have started to wear Islamic headscarves so as to prevent street harassment and assault by male Muslim migrants.

According to a new survey, almost a quarter of Swedish women are afraid to leave their homes over fears they will be attacked or sexually assaulted.

Germany and Sweden can barely protect their own women from migrant attacks. A while ago German national TV advised women to take safe routes while out jogging and police in Sweden even said women shouldn’t go out at night at all!

We must protect America from this Trojan horse that is currently destroying Europe, and which is pushed by evil globalists, such as George Soros.