Justin Trudeau Soyboy Hypocrite

Justin Trudeau Pushing for “Significant Penalties” for Online “Hate Speech” in Canada

Mr. “Blackface” himself – Canada’s version, anyway – has come out in condemnation of online free speech, declaring that it’s time to start imposing “significant penalties” on social media companies that refuse to remove all “hate speech” within 24 hours.

We’re talking about Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, of course, who has yet to find a social justice cause so outlandish as to be unworthy of his public endorsement.

And when it comes to making the entire internet a virtual “safe space” for liberals, or else be shut down or taken over by the government, Trudeau is fully onboard.

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Justin Trudeau Soyboy Hypocrite

Trudeau reportedly told his country’s Minister of Heritage to write a mandate letter ordering Canadian legislators to draw up a bill, or series of bills, outlining his plans to crack down on internet free speech.

In it, “hate speech” is specifically named as needing special attention.

“Create new regulations for social media platforms, starting with a requirement that all platforms remove illegal content, including hate speech, within 24 hours or face significant penalties,” the letter reads.

“This should include other online harms such as radicalization, incitement to violence, exploitation of children, or creation or distribution of terrorist propaganda.”

In a separate letter sent to David Lametti, Canada’s Minister of Justice, Trudeau ordered that he work together with his colleagues to combat “online hate,” which would seem to go even a step further beyond just “hate speech.”

“Work with the Minister of Diversity and Inclusion and Youth and the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness to combat online hate and harassment,” this other letter reads.

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In Nazi Germany 2.0, tech companies can be fined upwards of 50 million euros for failing to promptly remove “hate speech”

Trudeau is taking a page from Nazi Germany 2.0, meaning modern-day Germany where fascist policies such as the ones he’s now proposing for Canada are already in place.

Believe it or not, tech companies in Deutschland can be fined up to 50 million euros for failing to promptly remove so-called “hate speech” from their platforms.

France is considering a similar but even more extreme proposal that would involve jailing tech executives deemed complicit in allowing “hateful” content to persist on their respective platforms.

Many of these nations, including Canada, have signed on to a collective demand entitled, “Christchurch Call to Action” that urges social media companies to do more to crack down on “extremism.”

The United States, however, has thankfully refused to join up over concerns that the demand violates the First Amendment to the Constitution – which it does!

It remains unclear whether or not Trudeau’s blackface photos, should they be posted on social media in Canada, will qualify as “hate speech” under the proposed new laws.

Ironically, this relentless attack on free speech by Trudeau and other leftists is quintessential fascism, the very thing that these leftists claim to be against.

But because they’re the ones doing it and not conservatives, they’re calling it “progressivism,” though we’re certainly not fooled by it.

“Leftists are always the natural-born fascists,” wrote one Breitbart News commenter. “They can only have total control when they have total control of everyone’s speech, and they are always trying to seize it.”

“Liberal definition of hate: For a person(s) to hold a conservative viewpoint or one that is not politically correct or liberal in nature,” wrote another.

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There’s also now a free speech alternative to YouTube known as Brighteon.com that will never comply with egregious government demands like the one Trudeau is trying to impose because in the United States, at least, our free speech is non-negotiable.

By Ethan Huff, Guest writer