Cctv Big Brother Spying On People In Usa

USA, UK, and China Lead the World in Spying on People

It is no longer speculation, American law enforcement has been lying to the public about the expansion of CCTV camera surveillance.

A recent report released by CompariTech confirmed what I have been warning people about for years: American law enforcement has become a world leader in spying on its citizens.

“Cities in China are under the heaviest CCTV surveillance in the world, according to a new analysis by Comparitech.

“However, some residents living in cities across the US, UK, Australia, and India will also find themselves surrounded by a large number of watchful eyes, as our look at the number of public CCTV cameras in 120 cities worldwide found.”

Cctv Big Brother Spying On People In Usa

According to CompariTech, London and Atlanta were the only cities outside of China to make the top 10.

CompariTech measured the amount of CCTV cameras per 1,000 people in a city and two U.S. cities made the Top 20.

“Atlanta has 7,800 cameras for 501,178 people or 15.56 cameras per 1,000 people and Chicago has 35,000 cameras for 2,679,044 people or 13.06 cameras per 1,000 people.”

But that only scratches the surface of American police surveillance.

Despite what the mass media and law enforcement want you to believe, America is slowly being turned into a surveillance state that rivals China.

Lip-reading CCTV cameras will have people ‘cupping hands over their mouths’

A recent article in The Telegraph warns that CCTV cameras will soon be able to read people’s lips.

“The capability to run lip-sync technology to determine what people are saying would have a very suppressive effect. It would change the nature of our society,” Tony Porter the Surveillance Camera Commissioner said.

Thirteen U.S. cities lead the world in spying on people

If this were the Olympics of Spying, China and the U.S. would be tied for the lead with 13 gold medals a piece.

Comparitech’s spreadsheet revealed, that a staggering 13 U.S. cities lead the world in spying on people!

#10- Atlanta, GA
#12- Chicago, IL
#27- Washington, DC
#37- San Francisco, CA
#41- San Diego, CA
#45- Boston, MA
#57- New York City, NY
#65- Miami, FL
#68- Detroit, MI
#78- Houston, TX
#83- Philadelphia, PA
#96- Dallas, TX
#119- Los Angeles, CA
(Spreadsheet numbers were off by one because they used #1 as the heading.)

Feds Are Creating 9,000 Surveillance Zones In America (To Spy On 35 Million People)

I was surprised that the city of New Orleans did not make the list. Especially after the Executive Director of ProjectNOLA, Bryan Lagarde proclaimed it to be “America’s largest HD networked crime camera system” back in 2017.

On a more disturbing note, if you include Singapore and Hong Kong, China only has 13 spying cities in the top 120. Which would tie them with the U.S., for the unenviable title of World Champions of Spying on the Public.

In what screwed up world do we live in? Where America is now tied with China for the most spied-on cities in the world.

Brazil would win the Silver medal with 9 spying cities and the U.K. would get the Bronze medal with only 3 spying cities.

To most people this news will come as a shock, to others they will see it as fear-mongering.

But sooner or later, Americans are going to have to admit, that when it comes to spying on everyone: there really is little difference between our law enforcement and China’s People’s Armed Police Force.

If we do nothing and let law enforcement and politicians decide how much public surveillance is best for us, we may end up living in a country that more closely resembles China than America.

So the next time you see a cop, please thank him or her for helping turn 13 cities into world-class surveillance centers.