Teen Girl Drugged And Gang Raped For Hours By Seven Syrian Migrants In Germany

Teen Girl Drugged and Gang Raped for Hours by Seven Syrian Migrants in Germany

On the night of 14 October, an 18-year-old girl went to a disco in Freiburg. The evening ended in tragedy as she was drugged and gang raped by at least seven Syrian migrant men and a man with a German passport.

For the young woman the evening started with a techno party in a Freiburg disco. She and her friend met Majd H. and his friends there.

Germany’s Bild tabloid says the man probably drugged the 18-year-old girl after selling an ecstasy tablet to her. After taking the pill he gave her a drink and the evening ended in a nightmare for the girl.

After being taken outside the defenceless girl was raped in a nearby park by several migrant men.

Teen Girl Drugged And Gang Raped For Hours By Seven Syrian Migrants In Germany

In a nearby shrub, she became the victim of sexual assault. After this, more perpetrators are said to have abused the defenceless girl,” police say.

Seven perpetrators are Syrians, another suspect (25) has a German passport, reports say. All men have been arrested, but it is unclear if there are more involved.

Up to 15 men could have abused the teen girl, as the men left her alone around 4 o’clock.

According to information of Bild, the main culprit Majd H., was already wanted by the police before the gang rape with another arrest warrant and should have been in custody at the time of the crime.

The girl filed a complaint on the same day. The police could ensure DNA. Five days later, the DNA database of the Federal Criminal Police Office reported a hit.

On 20 October the police arrested a friend (19) of the chief perpetrator in an asylum centre and on 25 October the last suspect could be arrested. Meanwhile the investigation continues.

The case is reminiscent of last week’s gang rape and murder case of a teen girl in Italy. She was probably drugged and raped as well. After her body was found, four African migrants were arrested.

Reference: Voiceofeurope.com