Jessica Yaniv

Trans Activist Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv Tried Grooming a 14-year Old Girl And Asked Her: “Show Me Your Used Tampon!”

One of the underage girls who was allegedly targeted by “wax my balls” trans activist Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv of British Columbia, Canada, has officially filed a child exploitation report claiming that Yaniv tried to groom her via Facebook Messenger into engaging in sexual activity with him, as well as into showing him one of her used tampons.

According to Jessica Rumpel of Washington state, who’s now 20 years old, Yaniv sent her all sorts of salacious text messages and voice messages when she was still underage, prodding her to fulfill his pedophile fantasies and fetishes.

In one online exchange, which took place when Rumpel was still 14 years old, Yaniv used a known grooming technique to try to convince Rumpel that she was the one who wanted to have sex with Yaniv, and not the other way around.

Jessica Yaniv

“how old r u again,” Yaniv asked Rumpel, who responded with, “14,” followed by “Almost 15.” Yaniv responded with, “idk (I don’t know) if I should lol,” to which Rumpel responded back with, “Why?” Yaniv then said, “cuzzz ur yiung (sic) lol.”

At this point, Rumpel, who was too young at the time to know that this was a manipulation tactic, responded with curiosity as to why Yaniv was backing away from pursuing her, to which he stated back, “lol but ur not 16, and that means i cant do anything with uuuu, as much as u want that” suggesting that Rumpel was the one who wanted to pursue Yaniv.

“am i right,” Yaniv added after that, goading Rumpel into responding the way he wanted her to with ill-informed consent.

Pedo Grooming

Anyone who willingly exposes her children to LGBTQP perversion in an attempt to be “tolerant” is committing an act of child abuse

While Rumpel had recently posted screenshots of these and other obscene interactions with Yaniv to her Twitter account as evidence, these tweets have since been removed.

It’s unknown whether Yaniv removed these posts herself, of her own volition, or whether they were removed for her by the tech gods at Twitter, or possibly because Yaniv threatened a lawsuit, as “she” has been known to do.

Either way, the evidence is now out there, and the screenshots are circulating online, revealing the true dark side of the Cult of LGBTQP that ignorant, leftist parents who take their children to “Drag Queen Story Hour” events refuse to acknowledge.

Jessica” Yaniv

Keep in mind that Yaniv has openly bragged online about being able to get away with these and other horrors simply because of “her” protected status as an LGBTQP – the P stands for pedophile.

In other words, “she” knows that “she” possesses special rights that others don’t, which shields “her” from being scrutinized like non-LGBTQPs would be for attempting these same heinous sex crimes against children.

And don’t believe the lie that the public libraries all across the country that are hosting “Drag Queen Story Hour” events are properly vetting their drag queens.

As we recently reported, at least two drag queens who’ve been invited to read to children at public libraries have since been outed as sexual predators, prostitutes, and pedophiles.

You know that many of these predators are using transsexualism to hide behind pedophilia,” wrote one commenter at The Gateway Pundit in response to this news. “Oh, and other sexual abnormalities.”

Yeah, it’s disgusting and obviously so,” responded another. “What’s even more disgusting is the massive push from the Left to accept this nonsense and ‘fundamentally change’ not only our nation, but the entire free Western world.”

By Ethan Huff, Guest writer