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Censorship Has The Exact Opposite Effect: It Is A Catalyst For Awakening

The fact that billionaires, as well as private and governmental organisations spend — possibly — billions per year to engage in censorship and illegal practices that can only be regarded as a modern day “book burning” is baffling, for at least two reasons:

Firstly, because history has showed us repeatedly that censorship has the exact opposite effect. And secondly because with just a small fraction of those massive budgets they could have simply purchased these websites and control the narrative and the flow of information silently.

But that’s what a human being would have done, if you know what I mean.

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Instead, a decision was made to start a very public and extremely damaging war, over something that could have been easily and stealthy dealt with. As result, a cascade of extremely questionable actions were taken, such as:

All of the above actions are surely going to backfire, one way or another. As it is widely understood, every action has a reaction.

So why are they doing it?

The Four Reasons Why…

, it could be that these senior and elder people at the top of the pyramid don’t really understand what the Internet is and how it actually works. It is common for people to fear what they don’t understand, and it is common for people to want to destroy what they fear.

Sure, it takes a very weak and insecure individual to want to destroy something instead of learning more about it, but the world is not short of cowards.

Secondly, it could be that these people don’t have souls attached to their bodies, hence lacking a higher consciousness. Without a higher consciousness, there’s no Divine Creativity involved. And without Divine Creativity, the solutions that the brain comes up with on its own are usually rigid and analytical: “I don’t understand this thing, therefore I fear it. And because I fear it, I must destroy it.”

It takes a lot of creativity and hard work to create something; by contrast, it takes considerably less creativity and hard work — or, sometimes, none at all — to destroy something.

These “human bodies” (as opposed to human beings) are empty vessels, devoid of a soul, so they can be used as hosts for non-physical entities (such as archons), or remotely controlled by malevolent extraterrestrials (as seen in the movie Avatar).

Thirdly, it could be that these individuals at the top of the pyramid are not human at all — by this I mean literal aliens that live among us. Just think about it: who hates humanity so much that they would dedicate their entire existence to destroy humans, their planet and everything that they create?

Fourthly, it could be a combination of all of the above.

What was accomplished, you ask?

The lives of billions of people have been affected by the social media censorship, and all these people are now aware of the fact that someone is censoring the Internet, and forbids them access to certain information. So, naturally, all these billions of people are going to start asking questions, such as: “who benefits from the censorship?”, “what do they have to hide?”, “is this information, that I previously brushed aside, real?”.

What the powers that shouldn’t be repeatedly fail to understand is that censorship is a catalyst for awakening.

By Alexander Light,