Hungary Border

Hungary: Military Boats Deployed to Defend Europe from ‘Muslim Invaders’

The Hungarian government has deployed military boats to patrol the river border with Serbia to stop illegal border crossing into the country through the Tisza river, a key point of entry for migrants trying to make their way into the E.U.

Hungarian officials say that close to 100 migrant invaders are attempting to cross into Hungary illegally from Serbia and Romania every day.

The military has deployed 500 soldiers alongside Hungarian police to put a stop to it, the BBC reports.

Hungary Border

“If they come in groups, they always have leaders. They have excellent equipment. We found night-vision goggles, and even a ground sensor,” Hungary’s Deputy Minister of Defence Szilárd Németh told Euronews during a recent interview.

Fence cutters, spades, maps, lists of addresses, taxi numbers – they have them all. They are very well prepared to cross the border of Hungary,” Németh added.

Last week, Hungarian border police managed to push back a group of 50 to 70 migrant invaders who stormed a vulnerable section of border fencing along the Serbian border.

Commenting on the border breach, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s chief security advisor, György Bakondi, said:

A violent, organized group of migrants tried to invade Hungary at Röszke. The Serbian-Hungarian border is under severe pressure, with more than 3,400 people having tried to enter Hungary illegally in January alone.”

Illegal groups are still gathering now; this one was a blatantly aggressive and violent group,” Bakondi added.

George Soros is the driving force behind the invasion of Europe:
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Last, month Secretary of State of the Ministry of Interior Károly Kontrát noted that in 2019, 17,200 illegal migrants were stopped trying to enter Hungary. Kontrát has also warned that the number of migrants gathered on the Balkan Penninsula had reached 100,000, and had the potential to spark a migrant crisis similar to what was seen in 2015.

At the beginning of the year, the Hungarian government announced that it would be doubling the number of soldiers deployed to its borders.

Hungary’s PM has stated in the past that: We Don’t See Migrants As Refugees, We See Them As Muslim Invaders

Reference: #ProtectAmerica