British Professor Calls For Human Extinction To Fight Climate Change

UK Occultist and Feminist Professor Calls For Human Extinction To Fight Climate Change

While most climate hysteria hawkers will shout from the rooftops that their goal is to avoid human extinction, others are quite proudly proclaiming that the decimation of the human race is the only way to save the planet.

In late January, Bloomsbury Academic published a book by “death activist” and goth feminist professor Patricia MacCormack titled “The Ahuman Manifesto: Activism for the End of the Anthropocene.”

MacCormack, a professor of continental philosophy at Angelia Ruskin University, offers readers a sure-fire solution to global warming, “phasing out reproduction” and allowing humanity to die off.

British Professor Calls For Human Extinction To Fight Climate Change

“Collapsing activism, artistic practice and affirmative ethics, while introducing some specifically modern phenomena like death cults, intersectional identity politics and capitalist enslavement of human and nonhuman organisms to the point of ‘zombiedom’, The Ahuman Manifesto navigates the ways in which we must compose the human differently, specifically beyond nihilism and post-and trans-humanism and outside human privilege,” reads the book’s description.

“This is so that we can actively think and live viscerally, with connectivity (actual not virtual), and with passion and grace, toward a new world.”

I believe that’s what the kids call a “word salad.”

In her book, which undoubtedly is as big a mess of woke buzzwords as its description, MacCormack presents “the apocalypse as an optimistic beginning” for all the other species who will flourish on Earth once human beings are out of the way.

According to Cambridge News, she “argues that due to the damage done to other living creatures on Earth, we should start gradually phasing out reproduction.”

“I arrived at this idea from a couple of directions,” MacCormack told Cambridge News.

“I was introduced to philosophy due to my interest in feminism and queer theory, so reproductive rights [abortion] have long been an interest to me—this led me more to learn about animal rights, which is when I became a vegan.

“The basic premise of the book is that we’re in the age of the Anthropocene, humanity has caused mass problems and one of them is creating this hierarchal world where white, male, heterosexual and able-bodied people are succeeding, and people of different races, genders, sexualities and those with disabilities are struggling to get that.”

“The book also argues that we need to dismantle religion,” she continued, “and other overriding powers like the church of capitalism or the cult of self, as it makes people act upon enforced rules rather than respond thoughtfully to the situations in front of them.”

So phasing out reproduction wouldn’t involve “enforced” rules but would instead be a voluntary, “thoughtful” response to climate change? Considering totalitarian governments’ penchants for forced population control, I doubt that.

As a researcher who has “published in the areas of continental philosophy…feminism, queer theory, posthuman theory, horror film, body modification, animal rights/abolitionism, cinesexuality [a term she coined for people who feel “intense attraction towards film”], and ethics,” we can quite confidently state that MacCormack shouldn’t be looked to as a fount of wisdom and credibility.

That hasn’t stopped her book from garnering the praise of academics across the world.

“This book is a delightful provocation and invitation: to imagine a world without humans and to think of what we can do to get there,” reads a review from Christine Daigle, Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Posthumanism Research Institute at Canada’s Brock University.

“It is an urgent call for action. A joyful, lucid, fiercely intelligent call to readers to hope and work for a future not for themselves, but for the thriving of all nonhuman life. Engaging with this book will be a transformative experience. One cannot see the world or oneself in the same way after reading it.”

This is sickening, but it surely isn’t surprising. This is the ideology at the root of leftism today. The pro-abortion movement, the pro-LGBT movement, the push for population control, all of it. It is a rejection of God’s created order and an embrace of evil and death. This is just the culture of death with its mask off.

By Elizabeth Johnston, Guest writer