Drag Queen Teaches Toddlers How To Twerk

Drag Queen Teaches Toddlers How to Twerk

A video clip out of the UK shows a drag queen teaching toddlers how to twerk, confounding claims by leftists that drag queens aren’t inherently sexual in the nature of their performance.

The clip appears to show the drag queen at a bookstore or library. Judging from the sounds of the children who aren’t seen on camera, they’re likely to be pre-school age.

The drag queen begins talking about dances from the video game Fortnite, but then states, “Most of all Michael likes to twerk. Now does anybody in this room know how to twerk?” asks the drag queen before giving a demonstration.

Drag Queen Teaches Toddlers How To Twerk

All you need to do is stand with your feet shoulder width apart like so… and you crouch down into this position here so your bum’s sticking out and then you just move your bum up and down like that and that’s twerking,” he adds while demonstrating the dance.

The debate about drag queens being exposed to children has arrived at a stage where leftists claim it’s perfectly acceptable to expose them to children as part of LGBT social engineering because there is nothing sexual about their performance.

This despite the fact that a drag queen is basically a male burlesque dancer. One wonders if parents would want to expose their children to porn stars too in order to understand the plight of sex workers.

In addition, as we highlighted last week, many drag queens have engaged in sexually explicit behavior, including one called ‘Flowjob’ who visited a primary school in Scotland after posting pictures of himself on Twitter using a dildo and a ball gag.

A separate video that caused controversy last week also showed a drag queen dancing suggestively in front of a little girl while adults in the room cheered and applauded.

Source: Summit.news