In America, Those Who Prepare For Uncertain Times Are Vilified

In America, Those Who Prepare for Uncertain Times Are Vilified

The continued spread of the Wuhan coronavirus (CoVid-19) all around the world has driven many people to stockpile necessities like toilet paper and water just in case supplies run short.

But rather than applaud these folks for thinking ahead and trying to prepare for the worst, both the media and the government are chastising these “preppers” for being “selfish” and “hoarding.”

As mass quarantines loom and medical martial law is gradually unveiled, the last thing Americans need to be doing right now is continuing on with business as usual, pretending as though nothing is happening.

In America, Those Who Prepare For Uncertain Times Are Vilified

But this is what the Trump White House wants people to do as it reassures everyone that all is well, and urges them to just sit tight while the government supposedly handles everything.

USA Today, as one prominent media example, recently published an article telling readers to basically do nothing at all because nothing bad is supposedly going to happen.

Just keep watching Netflix, drinking your favorite brews at the local craft brewery, and gorging yourself to death on whatever other distractions are put before you and you’ll be just fine, is the gist of it.

“Keep calm and stop hoarding,” the article reads.

“The spread of coronavirus in the U.S. won’t wipe out our toilet paper supply. Or supplies of hand sanitizer, bottled water and ramen … That is, unless the frenzied stampedes for hand sanitizer and bottled water continue at their current pace.”

All throughout this same article are rhetorical barbs like “impulsive buying binges,” “air of aggressive competition,” “stripping store shelves of toilet paper,” and “the crush of humanity” at Costco, which are designed to make the reader feel as through preparing for a worst-case scenario is both mindless and foolish. But is it really?

Last we checked, there’s nothing at all “irresponsible,” to borrow another USA Today jab, about having a few extra things on hand in case they run out during a crisis.

Would you rather be crippled with basically nothing in the event of a collapse, or have a reasonable stockpile of life-saving food, water, sanitary supplies, and medicines should the excrement hit the fan?

Listen below as Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, warns about how President Trump will likely declare a national emergency soon, which is when things will really start to get ugly out there: