Socialism Is A 2 Class System Of Oligarchs And Workers

Socialism is a 2 Class System of Oligarchs and Workers

America is all atwitter about having a socialist actually in contention to be the President of the United States.

Rightfully so, it is a most horrifying prospect. The question is how we got here, to this point in time, where America is actually entertaining the destruction of the principles that we were founded on.

Principles of freedom, Capitalism and less government were fought hard for and many died to give these gifts to America.

They fought against Socialism that has destroyed more countries and their people than all the wars we have fought in.

Socialism Is A 2 Class System Of Oligarchs And Workers

Socialism, which creates a 2 class system of oligarchs and workers, where the natural desire of humans to create and build and succeed is squashed by the government.

Socialism where people are indoctrinated with the lies that benefit those in charge.

A system where the healthcare of the people is in the hands of the government, who will decide if and when care is rendered and to whom.

A system that does not reward innovation, invention, creativity, but lives in a world of drab colors and handcuffed dreams.

Socialism is the antithesis of capitalism.

It is the antithesis of freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom to achieve, freedom to decide your own medical treatments, freedom to reap the benefits of what you sow.

It is the antithesis of what we believe so strongly in America; that we can be whatever we choose and strive to become.

Why are we here now, in this moment in history, where voters would entertain a Socialist for President?

I am not just talking Bernie Sanders, but the entire group of Democratic candidates that ran for President have nary a moderate amongst them.

We are here because we have been asleep at the wheel. For the last 40 years we have stood by while our schools and colleges hired only left leaning, and I mean far left leaning, teachers and administrators.

They quietly began to change the school curriculums and change the school books. They took subject after subject out of schools, Phonics, Civics, American History, World History, WWI, WW2, the rise of Nazism, the causes and the reasons it failed.

They put in the place of these valuable subjects, LGBTQ studies, sex education; to the point of teaching our children about anal sex.

They made what history they teach politically correct and taught our children how evil America is, how bad Capitalism is, and they speak out loud from grade school to Colleges about their hatred for Conservatism and now about their hatred for our President.

They twisted the truths of our real history and rewrote it to suit their intentions of indoctrination. Our history is now bastardized revisionist history.

They took prayer out of our schools and our sports, yet they teach that the Muslim religion is one of peace and love.

They are teaching our children things that schools have no business teaching, and they have over many years indoctrinated our children. Where were the parents?

Then guess what happened? Those children grew up. They grew up with no knowledge of our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and the great History of America, and why we ran far and fast from Socialism.

They have no idea why the Civil war was fought because the history books lie. They grew up believing what these leftist propagandizers told them, while their parents were too busy at work to know what their kids were learning.

Had real history been taught, they would understand why America, with all of its flaws is the greatest country on earth. They would understand why no country on earth has thrived under Socialism, or Communism.

Had they read the Communist Manifesto, they would understand that indoctrinating children is one of its tenets and controlling people’s health care is another, on the way to controlling people’s lives, and money, and jobs and futures.

We did this to ourselves.

We were not paying attention as we raised several generations who believe that America is a terrible country, that the filthy rich should give them their money, that education and healthcare should all be free, that anyone should be able to come to America and be supported, that actually jailing criminals is criminal, that having police to protect us is a bad thing, they are oppressors of people who should be allowed to do what they want.

A generation who is further legalizing drugs and living in the streets and who have no respect for anyone, much less America.

Does it then surprise us all that we are here now with Socialists running for President and getting the vote of the people who we allowed to be indoctrinated in our educational system?

We should be afraid America. It will take a lot of time to fix this if we don’t fall first.

The Chinese and Russians are watching and smiling, knowing that we have taken the bait.

It will take years to undo this and only if we have the heroic courage, and enough fear about the future to start the process.

In the meantime, for every person who values freedom, who values our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and who loves this United States of America, please vote to keep America’s Values our Forefathers fought so bravely to give us.