The Yogis Of Tibet Rare Documentary Film

Religious Or Not, It Does Not Matter – This IS a Spiritual War

Religion is the sine qua non for human success. Its defeat spells humanity’s demise. We must revive religion, the compass provided by our Creator to find bliss.

by Henry Makow PhD

I commend this documentary to you as an illustration of how a people are united by a common religion, in this case Buddhism.

The Yogis Of Tibet Rare Documentary Film

Religion is the sin qua non for wholesome and successful life because it aligns everyone with God’s benevolent purpose.

When everyone becomes an instrument of God’s Will, they miraculously align like the pattern of a snowflake.

I am pessimistic about the future because the Satanists have infiltrated and destroyed most genuine religions.

In the documentary above, this is shown by the brutal suppression of Tibetan Buddhism by Communist China.

Communist China is the best manifestation of Satanism, one that doubtlessly serves as a model for the New World Order.

The world is divided into two groups: a tiny group of people who see themselves as instruments of God, and the vast majority who pursue self interest, usually in the form of money, sex, fame or power.

The Satanists do their best to encourage the latter group and turn it against the former.

There is no evading God. There is no other path to human fulfillment. We desperately need a genuine religious revival.

I believe a genuine religion can be described in 100 words or less, and invite you to help me start one.

As an example, I will offer my religious credo.

As far as humans are concerned, God is Consciousness, a spiritual dimension in which spiritual ideals are self-evident, like light entering a darken room.

We are engaged in a cosmic struggle. The forces of darkness are trying to snuff out the light of the human spirit.

The purpose of the Covid hoax is to bring us down, to make us descend to our lowest animal instincts.

We are souls not bodies. We must strive to realize spiritual ideals in our lives and in the world.

These spiritual ideals, which I said are tantamount to Godliness, are absolute Truth, Beauty, Love, Goodness, Justice and Bliss.

God is the Bliss we all seek through self seeking but only can achieve through serving the Lord.

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THE YOGIS OF TIBET (Rare Documentary Film):