Solomon Samuel Simone Raz From Chaz

Dear Black People, You Are Being Used and Set Up to Start a Race War!

The violent events that we are witnessing in the mainstream media are being orchestrated by the powers that shouldn’t be, in order to create further division and racism.

The narrative that they have orchestrated looks like this:

Solomon Samuel Simone Raz From Chaz

Raz from Chaz

– black people rioting in defence of a career criminal who was resisting arrest
– black people destroying state property
– black people torching private businesses
– black people stealing from shops and supermarkets
– black people lining up white people to kiss their feet
– black people beating white people all over the country for no reason
– black people murdering blacks and whites alike during the riots
– armed black people taking over entire neighbourhoods
– armed black people demanding the abolition of the police, so that they can do all of the above without fear of consequences.

The “elites” are, once again, painting black people as criminals who hate whites, the police and America.

But that’s not true at all! We are all being manipulated in the hopes that a new wave of racism will take place.

Don’t let that happen!

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Black people must organise in large numbers (you can start a petition) and speak up against the ongoing violence and the destruction of property.

The world needs to see that the majority condemns violence and that we support peaceful assemblies and dialogue.

God bless you all!