Seattle Autonomous Zone Is Ruled By Warlord Raz Who Extorts Businesses, Collects ‘protection’ Money

Seattle Autonomous Zone is Ruled by Warlord Raz Who Extorts Businesses, Collects ‘Protection’ Money

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best gave a video address to officers in the Seattle police department Thursday in which she explained that the mayor had overruled police in allowing the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” to be established, and that police were now receiving reports of an ongoing protection racket.

In the video, Best explains that she fought with the city to keep the precinct open and operational, but the city had “other plans for the building” and ultimately “relented to severe public pressure.”

“I’m angry about how this all came about, I understand that my comments in this message may be leaked to the public, but I’m not concerned about that. I stand by what I’m saying,” Best states.

Seattle Autonomous Zone Is Ruled By Warlord Raz Who Extorts Businesses, Collects ‘protection’ Money

“We have heard that there are armed people ‘patrolling’ the streets near 12th and Pine,” Best continues.

“Of course this is very concerning, especially because we don’t know who these people are. We’ve also received reports that these armed people may be demanding payment from business owners in exchange for some of that protection. We’ve also heard that they may be demanding to see identification from people that live in the area.”

The full video can be watched below:

The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone is currently controlled by roving warlord and aspiring hip hop artist Raz Simone, who has established a private police force that is quick to dole out beatings to opponents of the regime:

In the autonomous zone, the streets are apparently currently controlled by a hip hop artist-turned-warlord by the name of Raz Simone, who has established an armed private police force that does not hesitate to dole out beatings to communal miscreants.

Video footage shows Raz and Co. confronting a man for making unauthorized graffiti on Raz’s turf, which results in the “police” stealing the man’s phone, breaking his glasses, and reportedly repeatedly kicking him in the head.

“We are the police of this community here now,” the man is told before the beating.

The vandal is then ordered to hand over his phone as tribute to Raz, under the threat of more violence.

“You just broke my glasses! I’m blind! You just broke my glasses and stole my phone!” the man pleads, before being told, “Yeah, we should have broken your face.”

“Don’t be making no threats n*gga, I’ll blow your brains out,” Raz says.