Billy Boy Impossible Burger Fake Meat

Billy Boy is Also a Key Figure Behind the FAKE MEAT Corporate Monster

Its burgers are everywhere, along with all the celebrity-driven hype. But the Impossible Foods corporation, which claims to be “saving the planet” by driving consumers towards “plant-based” meat alternatives, is just another money-making scam hatched by Billy Boy, the very same guy who is pushing toxic jjabs and depopulation as virtuous endeavors.

Impossible Foods, as we have previously reported, is a classic case of monopoly capitalism. There is almost no risk involved because all of the moving pieces that would normally accompany a budding startup were pre-placed long before the company came into existence.

The Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) plandemic, it turns out, has been one of the biggest drivers for Impossible Foods’ rapid success.

Billy Boy Impossible Burger Fake Meat

As meat-packing plants closed and farmers were forced to liquidate their livestock, consumers sought alternatives in the form of, you guessed it, fake, genetically engineered meat from Billy Boy.

Suddenly, Impossible Foods burgers started showing up at Burger King and in the “health food” section at the grocery store. It was an instant success, not by chance, of course, but because Impossible Foods was built upon a monopoly model of capitalism.

“It seems like Impossible Foods can do the impossible, and has been built with the Monopoly model in mind,” reports Zero Hedge.

“The Monopoly approach to Capitalism doesn’t take risk as an entrepreneur does, they use predetermined outcomes to plan their business. If there is no demand for a product, they create it.”

Billy Boy is white privilege and crony capitalism on steroids

Impossible Foods has also capitalized on the use of high-profile celebrities like Jay-Z and Mindy Kaling who sit at the cap table while promoting the product in which they own stock.

They rake in the dough while you buy the goods, and hiding in the background is Billy Boy, whose portfolio has expanded to epic proportions ever since his plandemic really took off and started changing the world.

For those who have not been following, Billy Boy has been killing it since COVID – literally,” Zero Hedge adds.

His portfolio has ballooned to enormous sums. And while the mainstream media is covering how much his billionaire friends have made – even Mother Jones failed to mention Gates’ name.”

By all appearances, it would seem as though the complicit mainstream media is trying its best to hide the many pots of gold in which Gates has his grubby, filthy hands.

If the general public realized just how much cash Gates is siphoning from them at every angle, he would have been strung up from a light pole a long time ago.

But because he is presented as a benevolent humanitarian who always somehow happens to be in just the right place at just the right time when it comes to making money, most people accept the narrative as is.

And many of them, none the wiser as to what is really going on, continue to head on out to Burger King to save the planet, one fake GMO burger at a time.

“If we look deeper at how the Elite operate, their ‘luck’ is actually intelligent planning,” Zero Hedge further explains about the scam.

“Imagine, a business without risk. For example when Microsoft was a garage company, it was Billy Boy’ parents who helped him secure the lucrative contract with IBM, you know – the one that made Microsoft the largest software company in the world.”

“Predetermined outcomes drive Monopoly Capitalism. It’s better than finance! Their business and political agenda is well thought out, well-funded, well researched by think tanks, corporate consultants, advisors, lawyers, and experts.”