Jeffrey Epstein Evil

Jeffrey Epstein Accused of Sexually Abusing Two Little Girls, Aged 11 and 13

In a new lawsuit, Jeffrey Epstein is accused of sexually abusing two little girls, aged 11 and 13, bringing the number of underage girls who claim to have been raped by Epstein to five.

A woman who says she was just 11 years old when Jeffrey Epstein sexually abused her is among nine accusers who filed a new Manhattan lawsuit against the dead pedophile’s estate.

The women — who filed the case without using their real names — say they were sexually abused and in some cases raped in incidents as early as 1978 and as recent as 2004, according to the Supreme Court lawsuit filed late Thursday.

Jeffrey Epstein Evil

A Florida woman, referred to in court papers only as Jane Doe XIII, says that in 1993, when she was only 11, Epstein “sexually assaulted, abused, battered and digitally penetrated her on three, separate occasions,” as well as forced her “to perform oral sex on him,” the documents say.

Another woman from Tennessee says that when she was just 13 in 1978, Epstein abused “and raped her multiple times,” the court documents show.

The two women are among five of the plaintiffs who say they were underage when they were abused by the multimillionaire. The other four women in the suit were adults at the time of the alleged abuse, the papers state.

Jane Doe XI of New Jersey says that in 2002, when she was an adult, she was sexually abused by the hedge-funder — and throughout the abuse, Epstein would threaten her saying “that if she told anyone about what he was doing to her, she would be putting not only her, but also her family’s safety and well being at risk,” according to the court filing.

Esptein also told the woman that “he would make sure [her father’s] business was destroyed,” the court papers allege.

The plaintiffs “were all sexually battered, assaulted and abused by Epstein” in the course of his several-decades-long scheme in which he “orchestrated a massive sex trafficking network to obtain hundreds of underage girls and young women for not only his sexual gratification, but also that of several other wealthy and/or powerful individuals within his social network,” the court documents allege.

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