Nancy Pelosi Abortions

Nancy Pelosi: Killing Babies in Abortions ‘Unleashes the Power of Women’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi praised Democrats for being the champions of abortion Wednesday during her speech at the Democratic National Convention.

For years, Pelosi has helped push the Democratic Party to adopt an increasingly radical pro-abortion agenda, one that calls for unrestricted abortions up to birth and taxpayer funding for them.

Earlier this year, she even led Democrats in blocking a measure to protect newborns from infanticide.

Nancy Pelosi Abortions

On Wednesday, the California congresswoman claimed Democrats are empowering women by advocating for abortion on demand, National Review reports.

We are unleashing the power of women to take our rightful place in our national life by championing a woman’s right to choose and defending Roe v. Wade,” she said. “Who’s standing in the way? Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump.”

If Democrats win the White House and the Senate, Pelosi promised that they will push to expand abortions across America.

“We will increase our majority in the House. We will win a Democratic majority in the Senate. We will elect Kamala Harris vice president. And we will elect Joe Biden president of the United States of America,” Pelosi added.

But it’s really Pelosi and Democrat leaders who are standing in the way of progress. They do not represent most Americans’ views on abortion, including most women’s.

The U.S. is one of only seven countries in the world that allows elective abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. That’s not what Americans want, but Democrat leader are fighting to keep it that way.

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Polls consistently show that Americans oppose abortion on demand and want laws that protect unborn babies. A 2019 Harvard CAPS/Harris poll found that just 6% of Americans said abortions should be allowed up until the birth of the child, while only 8% said they should be permitted up to the third trimester.

Gallup polls show consistent support for pro-life laws as well. In a July poll, Gallup found 55% of Americans take a pro-life position on abortion wanting all (21%) or almost all 39% abortions made illegal. The poll found just 43% of Americans take a pro-abortion position wanting all (29%) or almost all (14%) abortions legal.

Even more evidence comes from a June CBS News poll, which found the majority of Americans want more limits on abortion – the exact opposite of what Pelosi and Joe Biden are advocating for.

A Marist poll from January found six in 10 Americans (62%) say that if the Supreme Court revisits Roe v. Wade, it should allow states to determine restrictions (46%) or make abortion illegal (16%). Only 33% of Americans say Roe v. Wade should be interpreted to allow for legal abortion any time without restriction.

On the issue of taxpayer-funded elective abortions, Americans also strongly opposed. Recent polls from Marist and Harvard University show that a majority of Americans oppose taxpayer-funded abortions.

Abortion is not about women’s empowerment, and most Americans know it. Even most pro-choice voters are troubled by the idea of expanding abortions because they recognize that there is another human being involved, the woman’s own child.

Pro-life advocates and Republican leaders recognize that unborn babies are unique, living human beings who deserve a right to life, and women’s empowerment can never be achieved by the “choice” to slaughter a child before they are born.