Rothschilds Trillionaires

Rothschilds Owe Humanity Trillions in Reparations

Reparations to the descendants of black slaves obscure the real debt the Rothschilds owe to humanity.

by Henry Makow PhD

A Tentative Invoice

Rothschilds Trillionaires

World War Two – Ten trillion (includes Dresden, Hamburg and Jewish holocaust)

World War One – Five Trillion

Destroying the Catholic Church and Christianity – Three trillion

Removing God from social consciousness and public discourse – Five trillion

Destroying millions of lives through feminism (marriage and family destruction) – Three trillion

The war on masculinity and feminity which has damaged heterosexuals and robbed the world of masculine virtue and feminine charm. One trillion.

Mass murders by Bolsheviks and Chinese Communists – Five trillion

General depredations of Communism – One trillion

The Cold War and other wars of the twentieth century – Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria. Libya – Five trillion

The Great Depression, the Credit Crunch and the #scamdeminc of 2020 – Five Trillion

The assassination of JFK, MLK, RFK and 9-11 – Two trillion

Wars previous to the twentieth century – i.e. US Civil War, etc. Two trillion

Attempt to start a race war in America – 300 Billion

Destruction of the democratic process, journalism, education and the arts – five trillion

Damage to national cultures and identities caused by multi-culturalism and illegal migration — One trillion

The Rothschilds will finance and distribute ten honest movies about Communist subversion and espionage in America, as well as ten movies extolling American patriots like Louis McFadden, Charles Coughlin, Charles Lindbergh, and Henry Ford.

Airports and public places named after Illuminati traitors like G.H.W. Bush will be renamed.




The Rothschilds may discharge this debt by forgiving all “debt” due to money creation and relinquishing ownership of central banks to national governments.

This is letting them off easy, but the return to national sovereignty, personal freedom, and truth is worth the price.