Exclusive Full Video Leaked Police Bodycam Footage Shows George Floyd's Arrest For The First Time

Silence from New York Times as Leaked Bodycam Videos Contradict Floyd Arrest Narrative

The New York Times has been covering George Floyd’s death relentlessly and stoking racial tensions ever since the incident took place in late May, but they were curiously silent about bodycam footage of Minneapolis police arresting him that was recently leaked to the Daily Mail that pokes holes in their narrative.

The footage was published on Monday, August 3. According to Information Liberation, more than 24 hours later, a search of the Times’ archive only showed a single mention of the video’s release, which was a reprint of an AP article that left out the bombshell details and did not link to the video.

The article instead focused on an investigation into who was behind the leak. And despite being major news related to a topic they’ve been discussing nonstop, they did not tweet the article or share it in a prominent place on their website.

Exclusive Full Video Leaked Police Bodycam Footage Shows George Floyd's Arrest For The First Time

The footage shows very clearly that Floyd resisted arrest. He said that he could not breathe while he was still standing up and breathing, indicating that he had trouble breathing (or thought he did) even before anyone placed a knee on his neck.

He also said that he couldn’t enter the police SUV because he was “claustrophobic” despite the video showing him sitting comfortably a few minutes earlier in his own SUV.

Nevertheless, an officer can be heard in the video saying he would roll the windows down on the car and turn the air conditioning on for him. He also told police that his mother had just died, but the truth is that she had been dead for two years. Moreover, the video confirms that he asked the police to put him on the ground.

Perhaps most significantly, he told police that he was not on drugs. This is clearly a lie, as exposed by his official autopsy report, which said that the man had enough fentanyl in his system to kill a person, along with methamphetamine and THC from marijuana.

The autopsy also indicated that no life-threatening injuries were identified, although he did have a slew of heart conditions, including severe arteriosclerotic heart disease, an enlarged heart, and a history of hypertension.

Just a small amount of fentanyl is all it takes to cause respiratory depression, so although the fentanyl alone was enough to kill him, any of these other factors could have also played a role in his inability to breathe.

Toxicology Report: George Floyd Died From A Concentration Of Fentanyl In His Blood 3x The Fatal Dose

Why isn’t this story getting wider coverage?

The Daily Mail received the videos from the bodycams of officers Alex Kueng and Thomas Lane exclusively from an unnamed source. There are 10 minutes of footage from Lane’s bodycam and 18 minutes from Kueng’s bodycam.

Transcripts from the videos were released last month, and journalists and the public were allowed to view the video footage by appointment. A motion filed by a coalition of news organizations asking for public access is being considered by Judge Peter Cahill.

The video shows a man who drove while he was high on a lethal dose of drugs and was stopped by police for passing counterfeit money to a small business owner actively resisting arrest and lying to officers. It is disappointing but not surprising that much of the mainstream media is pretending like this video does not exist and that nothing on it ever happened.

Let’s not overlook the significance of the video being leaked by a foreign news source, while the mainstream media in the U.S. continues to make a hero out of a man with a history of violent crime.

People died, businesses and livelihoods were destroyed, police officers were attacked, and cities were damaged because of a situation that the mainstream media completely blew out of proportion to help push their leftist agenda to destroy this country and its leadership.