Netflix Cuties Pedophilia

Nexflix’s ‘Cuties’ is ALL About Pedophilia

Here are just some of the things that happen in the series:

– an 11 year old girl takes a photo of her vagina and posts it online
– the 5 young girls take a turn at webcam porn
– a young girl tries to take a photo of a schoolboys penis
– an 11 year old girl finds a used condom and blows it up

The ‘Cuties’ movie that stirred controversy last month following the release of its trailer has now been released and it’s even worse – featuring numerous scenes that showcase the vile sexualization of children.

Netflix Cuties Pedophilia

As we previously highlighted, the French production centers around four pre-teen children from a ‘diverse’ neighborhood attempting to win a dance competition. The trailer shows the girls twerking and adopting other sexualized poses.

Even after a massive backlash, Netflix refused to pull the plug on the movie, acknowledging merely that the promo poster for the film was unsuitable and that it would be changed.

After its release last night, Twitter user Ghost Jim watched the movie and posted several clips which illustrate how the film is basically soft porn for pedophiles.

“Netflix just released the controversial ‘Cuties’ and it’s worse than you could imagine. Make no mistake: Netflix is at the forefront of sexualizing children and normalizing pedophilia!” he tweeted.

The first clip shows the girls aggressively shaking their backsides while putting their fingers in their mouth:

The next clips shows the girls wearing skimpy outfits dancing on stage in front of judges in a similar manner while an audience watches, some of them applauding, some of them booing:

Note that the dance routine performed by the main characters is very similar to that seen in WAP (Wet-Ass Pussy) – a Cardi B song released last month which caused controversy for its overtly sexual dance choreography, something that has since been copied by underage girls across America.

The next scene shows the black girl in the movie vigorously shaking her entire body:

The next scene is perhaps the most revolting of all. It shows the girls accusing a security guard of being a “pervert” and trying to molest them.

Another security guard then arrives and the black girl begins performing a dance in front of him as he ogles her and the camera lingers on her torso:

“That’s as far as I’ll go with this demonic garbage. No doubt the film has much more. Netflix is streaming it right into peoples homes where young, impressionable girls can watch it. And where grown men with sexual attraction to children can pleasure themselves to. Thanks Netflix!” remarks the Twitter user.

He then reveals the details of other revolting scenes in the film, including the girls experimenting with webcam porn and a girl taking a photo of her vagina and posting it online.

While Turkey’s media watchdog has ordered the film removed from Turkey’s Netflix portal, British newspaper the Independent described the movie as an “important contribution to the coming-of-age genre.”

The New Yorker’s blasted a “scurrilous campaign against the film” waged by right-wingers, while Rolling Stone called the movie “a sensitive portrait of growing pains that deserves to be seen.”

Meanwhile, a petition to pressure Netflix into removing the movie has reached over 156,000 signatures.