Eyewitness To Hitler's Escape

US P.O.W. Was an Eyewitness to Hitler’s Escape

This video clip features a WWII veteran, a two-time Purple Heart and two-time Bronze Star With Valor recipient, Aubrey M. Temples.

As a POW, he came face to face with Adolf Hitler in Nussdorf, Germany on the morning of April 30, 1945, the very day he and Eva Braun supposedly committed suicide in the Berlin bunker.

Author and historian, Peter David Orr, conducted eight extensive interviews with Aubrey in an attempt to debunk his account.

Eyewitness To Hitler's Escape

Discover how Aubrey changed this skeptic’s mind – and by so doing, will change the entire history of WWII’s final chapter. Check out Peter’s must read: “Eyewitness to Hitler’s Escape” if you want to learn where Hitler went next and by what means of transportation he used to get there.

There’s much more! Here you can order Aubrey Temples’ fascinating WWII memoir: “Seeing Hitler“.

Just released is “HITLER’S SUICIDE: REASONABLE DOUBT“, which meticulously debunks each and every first-hand, hearsay, and character witness that has ever made claims about Hitler’s death in the Berlin bunker on April 30, 1945.