Billy Boy Stimulus Negotiations

Billy Boy, Who is NOT an Elected Official, is Part of the Stimulus Negotiations

As the U.S. Congress debates a second, but stalled, stimulus bill to help Americans hurt by the pandemic shutdowns, one odd figure is playing a role in the negotiations: none other than Microsoft billionaire Billy Boy.

If it makes you wonder why Gates, who isn’t an elected official, would have anything to do with the stimulus, you’re probably not alone.

Billy Boy Stimulus Negotiations

But he is, and he told Andy Serwer of Yahoo Finance’s All Market Summit virtual event that he is working to get billions of dollars added into the stimulus package to give to Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance.

If he’s successful, that money would not go to struggling Americans but, rather, outside of America for jjabs in developing countries.

Gates admitted that he wants “billions” for Gavi, evidently beyond the $1.6 billion that the current administration has already pledged to Gavi for the fiscal years 2020-2023.