Fda Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb

Ex-FDA Commissioner: Lockdowns Are No Longer Necessary

by Lance D Johnson (excerpt)

Former FDA commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb made his regular appearance on CNBC’s “Squawk Box.” This time the conversation wasn’t about the need to keep Americans locked down using stay-at-home orders and business closures.

Instead, the segment was used to inform viewers that the lockdowns are no longer necessary.

Fda Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb

This comes on the heels of the World Health Organization’s declaration that the lock downs are doing more harm to people than good, and that world leaders should stop using them.

A growing number of public health officials, including those at the World Health Organization, are reversing their original totalitarian guidance for locking everyone down, as they scramble to regain the public’s trust.

Regaining public’s trust becomes top priority as public health officials scramble to maintain order

CNBC and the major news networks have become a podium for a select few public health officials, who have regularly convinced the population to obey public health edicts, gathering restrictions, home arrest orders, coercive medical testing requirements, mask mandates, and selective business closures.

Dr. Gottlieb is one of the elite few who get continuous air time to perpetuate group think and compliant behaviors in the population.

Countless other medical professionals aren’t allowed to speak.

Only an authoritarian cult of control has been permitted air time, as American liberties are trampled underfoot.

However, Americans have grown weary of all the restrictions and constrictive mandates that prioritize virus fears over rational thinking, common sense and personal autonomy.

This is why the WHO and other public health officials are flip-flopping on their previous guidance.

They need to restore the public’s trust as the final phase of the pandemic is put into place: the push for mandatory covid-19 vaccinations.

Even though Dr. Gottlieb is currently conforming to the WHO’s new guidance and trying to distance public health authorities from the tragedies they have caused with their lock down guidance, he brazenly tried to defend the WHO for originally pushing national stay-at-home orders in March 2020.

He insisted that WHO did not “flip-flop” on the issue. He said the lock downs were never well-suited to combat the virus.

Wide-scale suspension of liberty was used to help the public health officials see where the virus spreads most.

In other words, human populations were merely guinea pigs, being pushed around in an experimental corral.

“We could have titrated our mitigation much more effectively but we needed to know where the virus was, and was not, spreading,” Gottlieb said.

“Now we do have the diagnostics deployed and I believe we’ll be able to fine tune our response as this epidemic starts to affect other regions of the country.”

In other words, Americans should be grateful that the lock downs were put in place, so they can blindly trust that public health officials will guide them in a more precision-based way as new jjabs are rushed into existence.