German Investigative Committee To Launch Legal Action Against Those Responsible For Covid 19 Crisis

German Investigative Committee to Launch Legal Action Against Those Responsible for COVID-19 Crisis

A German Investigative Committee is all set to launch a legal action against those responsible for COVID-19 crisis.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is one of the top trial lawyers in Germany and is one of four members in a group of lawyers who has investigated and is prosecuting global officials on the pretense that COVID 19 is a deliberate crime against humanity.

Dr. Fuellmich released a video recently that has over 1.4 million views despite being censored by YouTube:

German Investigative Committee To Launch Legal Action Against Those Responsible For Covid 19 Crisis

In his video from October 3rd, 2020, he describes how there is no legal doubt about the possibility of a class-action lawsuit against those responsible for the lockdowns.

“Those responsible for [the corona fraud scandal] must be criminally prosecuted for crimes against humanity and sued for civil damages…

“On a political level, everything must be done to make sure that no one will ever again be in a position of such power as to be able to defraud humanity or to attempt to manipulate us with their corrupt agendas.”

The move follows India’s complaint to the United Nations Human Rights Council seeking compensation from China in addition to a $20 trillion US lawsuit for waging a Biological war in Texas Federal Court. Sources within the security establishment have told GreatGameIndia that there is a growing movement among nations affected with Coronavirus to conduct a Nuremberg-style hearings next year.

Days after it was revealed in an intercepted human intelligence report that Billy Boy offered $10 million bribe for a forced Coronavirus vaccination program in Nigeria, an Italian politician also demanded the arrest of Billy Boy in the Italian parliament. Sara Cunial, the Member of Parliament for Rome denounced Billy Boy as a “jjab criminal” and urged the Italian President to hand him over to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity.

Meanwhile, an American federal judge has ruled coronavirus restrictions by Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf as unconstitutional. The ruling means that current lockdown restrictions, including ones that limit the size of indoor and outdoor gatherings, can’t be enforced.

Earlier this month, Medical Doctors and Health Professionals of Belgium wrote an open letter to authorities demanding the investigation of WHO for creating coronavirus infodemic faking the pandemic.

In another case, after it was revealed in a shocking investigation that WHO policies on Hydroxychloroquine were based on a fake study by a pornstar and a science-fiction writer, now in an ongoing investigation, a French doctor has testified in parliament that Gilead sent him death threats after he started talking about HCQ as a cure for COVID-19. In another shocking development the President of Madagascar made a sensational claim that the WHO offered him $20m bribe to poison COVID-19 cure.

A recent case in Belarus has exposed the conditions laid by IMF and World Bank for loans being provided for COVID-19. The President of Belarus has exposed that the World Bank coronavirus aid comes with conditions for imposing extreme lockdown measures, to model their coronavirus response on that of Italy and even changes in the economic policies which he refused as being “unacceptable”.