Michigan State Police Rescue 25 Missing Children

Michigan State Police Rescue 25 Missing Children

Michigan State Police rescued over two dozen missing children as part of an investigative operation last week, law enforcement officials said Wednesday.

WXYZ reports:

Michigan State Police, with assistance from the Special Investigation Division Fraud Unit, located 25 missing children from Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties in Operation MISafeKid II.

Michigan State Police Rescue 25 Missing Children

The sweep is part of a strategic plan launched by the MSP Second District to prioritize locating at-risk youth and missing children, MSP wrote in a Twitter post Wednesday.

Troops tracked down background names, photos and last known locations to locate the youth.

The development came as U.S. Marshals (USMS) announced the recovery of 11 children as part of a two-month rescue effort in New Orleans, Louisiana, on Wednesday.

U.S. Marshal Scott Illing said in a statement:

This is a very important mission that the USMS has been tasked by Congress to oversee, as the safety of children across the country is paramount to this nation’s future.

While 11 recoveries may not seem high, this work, which is time consuming, was accomplished while also running our normal day-to-day violent felony offender investigations and sex offender fugitive operations in the district, along with our other judicial missions.

In August, U.S. Marshals said law enforcement recovered 39 minors as part of “Operation Not Forgotten,” the agency’s program focused on missing children.

The two-week mission conducted in Atlanta and Macon resulted in the recovery of 26 children and 13 more being safely located.

“I cannot say enough about Operation Not Forgotten and the men and women behind it,” Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr said of the mission at the time. “39 – That’s how many young lives are getting a new start, and that’s how we measure success.”

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