Children To 'socially Transition' In Secret

Wisconsin Parents Sue School Over Policy That Allows Children to ‘Socially Transition’ in Secret

Over a dozen Wisconsin parents are taking their local public school to court over a controversial policy they say allows children to live under their preferred “gender identity” without parental knowledge.

by Elizabeth Johnston

According to the lawsuit, which was filed on Tuesday, Madison Metropolitan School District’s policies allow students to “socially transition to a different gender identity at school without parental notice or consent, requires all teachers to enable this transition, and then prohibits teachers from communicating with parents about this potentially life-altering choice without the child’s consent.”

Children To 'socially Transition' In Secret

The lawsuit was filed by the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL) on behalf of 14 parents who have not been named in court documents.

“This action seeks to vindicate parents’ fundamental and constitutional right to direct the upbringing of their children,” the suit argues.

“The Madison Metropolitan School District has violated this important right by adopting a policy designed to circumvent parental involvement in a pivotal decision affecting their children’s health and future. The policy enables children, of any age, to socially transition to a different gender identity at school without parental notice or consent.”

Although school policy requires parental consent before a child’s legal name can be changed in the district’s official records, the school announced in 2018 that students can be called by their preferred name and gender pronouns without parental permission, according to the Associated Press.

The lawsuit also claims that the school district’s policy “directs its teachers and staff to deceive parents by reverting to the child’s birth name and corresponding pronouns whenever the child’s parents are nearby” and that it actually prevents teachers from telling parents about their children’s “gender identity,” pseudonyms, or preferred pronouns used during school hours “unless legally required to do so or unless the student has authorized such disclosure.”

This is such a hideous overstep by the school! This is outright deception and usurpation of the parent’s role in the child’s life by what are essentially government education agents. How dare they act as though they have any right to come between a parent and their child? Sickening!

The lawsuit goes on, stating that “for some Plaintiffs, gender identity issues also have deep religious significance.”

The suit says that 11 of the plaintiffs are “active Christians who seek to apply their beliefs to everything they teach their children, including about their sex,” and that “believe that the two sexes are a core part of God’s intended design for humanity.”

“Madison schools have adopted policies that violate constitutionally recognized parental rights,” said WILL President and general counsel Rick Esenberg in a statement about the lawsuit on Tuesday. “A public school district should not, and cannot, make decisions reserved for parents.”


Folks, these policies are beyond the pale. As long as our children remain in government education systems, districts will continue to fight tooth and nail for as much authority over our children as possible. Don’t give them an inch!