Antifa Terrorists Storm A Seattle News Outlet For Covering Their Crimes

ANTIFA Terrorists Storm a Seattle News Outlet for Covering Their Crimes

A group of left-wing ANTIFA terrorists stormed a news outlet in Seattle in retaliation after they reported accurately about the group’s orgy of destruction in the city.

by Shane Trejo

News station KING was targeted by ANTIFA terrorists because reporter Chris Ingalls posted some photos of suspected ANTIFA terrorists on his Twitter account.

Antifa Terrorists Storm A Seattle News Outlet For Covering Their Crimes

ANTIFA terrorists are arguing that they should be allowed to commit anonymous criminal acts with impunity, and anyone who exposes their behavior is putting their lives at risk.

“I’m trying to protect the lives of protesters because they’re going to dox them and put them in the public,” an extremist shouted during the attempted siege of the KING news station.

“We have hate groups out here that are looking to kill and harm protesters, and they want to sit there and put the protesters’ public information. They did an investigation, and they’re doxing protesters,” the extremist added.

The terrorist display by the ANTIFA radicals in opposition to the 1st Amendment can be seen here:

Big League Politics has reported on the hellscape that is Seattle, which has become such a nightmare that even the police chief was forced to resign:

The Chief of the Seattle Police Department, Carmen Best, announced that she would be resigning as chief after the Seattle City Council approved a defunding plan that would force the police to fire 100 officers.

Sources from within the department describe the chief objecting to the city council’s continued scapegoating of the police department in response to leftist political pressure, refusal to condemn ANTIFA marches that targeted her house, and a pay cut implemented by the council.

Chief Best announced her retirement from the Seattle Police in an email to officers following the city council vote.

Chief Best had been the first black chief of the Seattle Police Department.

Attorney General Bill Barr had hailed Chief Best for her assistance in liberating Seattle’s downtown from the self-declared CHAZ (Capital Hill Autonomous Zone) anarchist commune, omitting any mention of progressive mayor Jenny Durkan in a press release praising the restoration of law and order to the troubled area.

Murders in Seattle have spiked significantly, with some estimates pointing to an increase of almost 50% relative to 2019. King County is moving forward with a plan to close Seattle’s primary jail facility, with the lack of a plan for a replacement suggesting that the city is simply planning with doing away with pre-trial confinement for anyone but the most serious criminal suspects.

Journalists who put themselves in harm’s way to report on ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter terrorism deserve major kudos.