U.n. Troll Farm 110,000 Volunteers To Push ‘approved’ Covid 19 Propaganda Online

U.N. TROLL Farm: 110,000 Volunteers to Push ‘Approved’ COVID-19 Propaganda Online and Correct Dissent

UN communications director Melissa Fleming said that the volunteers would serve as kind of ‘digital first-responders’ to online ‘misinformation.’

(LifeSiteNews) – The United Nations (UN) has announced that it has partnered with the World Economic Forum (WEF), the leader of the “Great Reset,” to promote a new campaign to control COVID-19 related discussion on social media.

U.n. Troll Farm 110,000 Volunteers To Push ‘approved’ Covid 19 Propaganda Online

In an interview for a World Economic Forum podcast, UN communications director Melissa Fleming highlighted the UN’s “#PledgetoPause” initiative.

#PledgetoPause, which the UN calls “the first global behaviour-change campaign on misinformation,” was launched last month in collaboration with multiple  NGOs  backed by George Soros and Big Tech companies.

The program seeks “to mobilise experts and researchers, governments, influencers, civil society, businesses, regulators and the media” to stop what the UN deems to be “wrong information” regarding COVID-19.

It ultimately “aims to reach a global audience of 1 billion,” the UN has said.

#PledgetoPause is part of a larger project called “Verified,” which recruits participants to spread “verified content optimized for social sharing” produced by the UN communications department.

The content is designed to be “front-and-centre in your social media feeds,” according to Fleming. She also has claimed that the United Nations is “working with social media platforms to recommend changes” to “help break the chain of misinformation.”

Fleming told the World Economic Forum that #PledgetoPause and Verified have “recruited 110,000 information volunteers” thus far.

She said, “we equip these information volunteers with the kind of knowledge about how misinformation spreads and ask them to serve as kind of ‘digital first-responders’.”

Fleming has stated elsewhere that the UN has “reached out to Member States, UN media partners, celebrity supporters” and “businesses” “to help us disseminate to the millions we will need to reach” with the campaign.

The UN communications department runs Verified in collaboration with Purpose, a left-wing activist group that boasts about partnerships with Google and the Gates Foundation.

In 2012, Purpose started a project call “All Out,” an LGBT “movement” that now claims nearly two million members and that has joined in on recent attacks on Poland’s pro-family laws and culture.

One of the organization’s founders has pushed for the EU to tie COVID-19 relief for Poland to capitulation on LGBT demands, a measure which the European Commission took up earlier this month.

The World Economic Forum and United Nations have worked together before to influence conversations on social media.

In March, the WEF called on supporters to advance a campaign called “#BeReady,” which had backing from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the WEF’s activism network, the Global Shapers.

“There is no hierarchy to doing what’s right,” the WEF said, encouraging people to circulate “vetted business messages from the WHO” throughout their organizations.

The UN lent early support to the Great Reset, the pro-LGBT, top-down scheme by the WEF “to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies,” as well.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres, a long-time socialist and LGBT fanatic delivered a speech at the Great Reset launch event, calling for “more equal, inclusive and sustainable economies.”

Two months ago, the WEF hosted a summit on using the Great Reset as a vehicle for the realization of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals [i.e. New World Order].

The WEF had pledged last year to help implement the goals, which have been interpreted by UN agencies, including the WHO, to encompass so-called abortion “rights.”

#PledgetoPause, Verified, and the Great Reset follow a wave of anti-Christian  persecution  and media censorship during the COVID-19 crisis, which have ramped  up  in the wake of the contested U.S. presidential election.

In an open letter to President Trump, Archbishop Carlo Viganò described the United States as “the defending wall against which the war declared by the advocates of globalism has been unleashed.”

He recently urged that “American Catholics can and must pray” to stop “such a massive deployment of adverse forces.”

HAF: Exposing the “Troll Farms”

The so-called “TROLL Farms” are nothing new. They have been used before by branches of the government (including intelligence agencies and even police) or various nefarious entities to “correct” online discussions, and sway oppinions on matters such as the war on terror, jjabs, etc..

Troll farm

These people can have multiple accounts, sometimes as many as 10, and they spam discussion boards online, liking/up-voting each other’s comments while down-voting and ridiculing (i.e. trolling) genuine people who disagree with the official narrative.

Imagine what 110,000 people (sometimes with several accounts each) can do when they intervene in a coordinated manner on social media, or on a forum or discussion board. They can easily create the illusion that the majority of people hold an oppinion that is favorable to the narrative, when in fact it is just coordinated propaganda.