Billy Boy President

Why a Biden Victory Would Mean Billy Boy Becomes President

One of the first people to congratulate Joe Biden on his fake presidential victory over the weekend was billionaire eugenicist Billy Boy, who quite frankly would be the one actually calling all the shots in a not-going-to-happen Biden administration.

by Ethan Huff

As it concerns the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “pandemic,” which is about as real as Biden winning the election, Gates is overjoyed at the thought that he will soon – or so he thinks – have the opportunity to supplant the alleged future president in getting the “surging pandemic under control” his way.

Billy Boy President

“Congratulations to President-Elect Biden and Vice President-Elect Harris,” Gates wrote in a celebratory tweet.

Gates went on to thank the election officials and campaign workers who “worked tirelessly to ensure a record number of Americans could cast a ballot and have it counted during such an [sic] challenging time for our country.”

“I look forward to working with the new administration and leaders on both sides in Congress on getting the surging pandemic under control, engaging partners around the world on issues like poverty and climate change, and addressing issues of inequality and opportunity at home,” Gates further wrote.

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Billy Boy wants coronavirus to last for “years,” and it would under Biden

Speaking to Inc.’s Minda Zetlin during a recent interview, Gates was not at all shy in gleefully declaring that the COVID-19 plandemic is going to drag on for “the next few years” – assuming Biden is installed in the White House, anyway.

With Biden as the nation’s figurehead, Gates would have free rein to do as he pleases. And this appears to be his plan with the media’s help.

“You really want to work for the long haul,” Gates emphasized while declaring that the pandemic will not be solved quickly or easily.

Billy Boy: ‘World Won’t Return To Normal’ Until ‘Second Generation’ Of COVID-19 Super-Vaccines Arrives, YEARS From Now

Gates is counting on COVID-19 jjabs to be manufactured and distributed as quickly as possible, a task that will be much easier with Biden at the helm to rubber-stamp everything that Gates and the true controllers put before him.

Having Biden in the White House is further critical for Gates to successfully forge the foreign partnerships that he so desperately needs to get jjabs rolling off the assembly line all around the world.

Since Biden has strong financial and familial ties to nations like China, Gates knows that ousting Trump will accelerate the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s efforts to vaccinate the entire world [and dictate worldwide drug distribution, while exploiting US hospitals].

“So creating alliances, of Indian manufacturers and Western manufacturers, or different people working with antibody capacity, these types of collaborative forums have turned out to be super important,” Gates contends.

[People who voted for Joe Biden have voted for all of the above, as well as late term abortions, oppressing religion, allowing very young kids to become transgender, wearing face masks, indefinite lockdowns, illegal immigration, and so much more.]

Gates can’t get anything done with Trump in the White House

Despite launching Operation Warp Speed (OWS), President Trump has not exactly been an ally of Gates, who appears to be hitting roadblocks with his global eugenics programs thanks to Trump.

Gates actually turned on our nation’s regulatory authorities because of Trump, declaring them to no longer be trustworthy under the leadership of our 45th president.

It is clear, in other words, that Gates wants Trump gone because he knows that Biden is a puppet who is easily controlled by others, probably due to all the dirt the deep state has on him and his family.

“The techno-fascist congratulates the quid-pro fascist,” wrote one commenter about Gates congratulating Biden. “Our nation is lost.”

Orwell was wrong,” wrote another. “It’s a mask on the face of humanity, not a boot forever.”