Tribunal Da Relação De Lisboa Interior

Court Rules Covid-19 Tests Worthless — Mainstream Media Rejects Science

A European lawsuit has solidified the fact that the widely used PCR test for detecting the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) is up to 97 percent unreliable – so basically useless.

by Ethan Huff

Portuguese judges reportedly upheld a lower court ruling that forcibly quarantining four German tourists after one tested “positive” for Covid-19 was unlawful because the PCR test is inherently fraudulent.

Tribunal Da Relação De Lisboa Interior

Tribunal da Relação de Lisboa

Delivered on Nov. 11, the verdict followed an appeal against a writ of habeas corpus filed by four Germans against the Azores Regional Health Authority, which demanded that they quarantine.

“This body had been appealing a ruling from a lower court which had found in favour of the tourists, who claimed that they were illegally confined to a hotel without their consent,” writes Peter Andrews for RT.

“The tourists were ordered to stay in the hotel over the summer after one of them tested positive for coronavirus in a PR test – the other three were labeled close contacts and therefore made to quarantine as well.”

The Lisbon Appeal Court found that the Azores Regional Health Authority had violated both Portuguese and international law by forcing the four German tourists to remain confined in a hotel, as only a doctor can “diagnose” someone with a disease. The tourists were also not assessed individually.

In its 34-page ruling, the Lisbon Appeal Court concluded that:

“In view of current scientific evidence, this test shows itself to be unable to determine beyond reasonable doubt that such positivity corresponds, in fact, to the infection of a person by the SARS-CoV-2 virus.”

In other words, in the eyes of the court, a “positive” Covid-19 test means absolutely nothing, and does not correspond to an actual “case” of Covid-19, whatever a “case” is even supposed to mean.

Continuing to talk about Covid-19 is like beating a dead horse

The court ruling offered two specific reasons why a “positive” PCR test is meaningless, the first being that the test’s reliability depends on the “number of cycles used.” The second is that the test’s reliability depends on the “viral load present.”

These two factors make the test questionable, at best. At worst – and this is the reality – the PCR test is completely meaningless and worthless, revealing nothing about anything in the context of legitimate science.

Nobody seems to know just how many “cycles” are appropriate for determining whether a “positive” test result is real or fake. Some countries use as many as 40 cycles while others use around 25. All produce varying results.

Even Anthony Fauci admitted that the tests for Covid-19 have a “fatal flaw.” Fauci explains that the test is useless when it’s run at 35 cycles or higher, but the FDA recommends running the test up to 40 cycles. See for your self HERE.

For a novel virus that is supposedly the worst thing to happen to the world since the Spanish Flu, the fact that it takes this much work to try to figure out whether or not a person is actually “infected” just goes to show that this is hardly the threat that the media is making it out to be.

We now know for a fact that there is no “second wave,” unless of course you count all the media hype and hysteria pretending there is.

In real life, people are not dropping dead in the streets, many hospital units are at regular capacity or are even empty, and people are wondering: Why am I still locked inside my house wearing a mask?

It is a valid question, especially as increasingly more science gets published to show that the world is being hoodwinked over a virus that nearly every person who “catches” it overcomes.

In the vast majority of “cases,” people do not even show symptoms, which means they were never sick.

Ultimate Proof: Covid-19 Was Planned To Usher In The New World Order

Meanwhile, the mainstream media is ignoring the Portugal court case because it destroys the prevailing Covid-19 narrative, which maintains that we must all continue to live in fear, avoid seeing our loved ones, and watch as the economy crumbles into oblivion.

When will the world, and America specifically, finally wake up and put a stop to this nonsense?