Covid 19 Dna

The Only Thing Covid-19 Test Kits Are Good for is Illegally Collecting and Surveilling Human DNA

In 2020, human populations were thoroughly convinced that they could eradicate viruses from the universe by assuming everyone was sick and by avoiding human interaction.

by Lance D Johnson

Lock downs, business restrictions, mask mandates and social distancing guidelines promised safety from “the virus.” Human populations were taught that collective avoidance was the most empathetic response, and local and state governments stepped in to enforce this mentality.

Covid 19 Dna

This mentality became a cult of compliance; free human beings were shamed into complying with public health orders or face threats to their livelihood, their business and their ability to move about freely.

In many parts of the United States, civil liberties are a shred of what they used to be.

For example, NYC is setting up choke points to fine people who haven’t had their DNA harvested via covid-19 testing kits.

Say NO to DNA collection, for your sovereignty is more important than fraudulent virus detection paranoia

In order to travel or to work, people are submitting their DNA to corporations and government entities.

These covid-19 testing kits are quickly becoming medical requirements – as airlines, schools and workplaces violate bodily autonomy and medical privacy rights.

Whether out of fear or cooperative compliance, many people have acquiesced to bodily requirements in 2020, slapping on face coverings in order to integrate in society and restricting their business’s capacity to appease tyrannical public health orders.

Submitting DNA is just the next step toward giving up individual liberties and surrendering one’s sovereign rights.

The only thing that covid-19 tests are good for is collecting and surveilling human DNA. The US and European standard for PCR testing is set up to provide an astronomical number of false positives using a specific number of cycles to amplify viral DNA.

These false positives are used in an illegal manner to suspend people’s liberties for 14 days at a time, as determined by the power-drunk state governments and the CDC.

Humans unlawfully detained, their DNA unlawfully harvested

Humans are being unlawfully detained as their nasal cavity is probed, as their saliva is collected, and as their DNA is harvested. So many people have no symptoms of illness, yet they are forced to prove their “innocence” by submitting their DNA via covid-19 testing kits.

So many people have symptoms of illness, and are being DNA swabbed just to be given a false positive covid-19 diagnosis. It doesn’t matter if an individual has no symptoms, or whether they have fever and a runny nose.

This system is set up to harvest their DNA and make them a slave to this fearful and enslaving mentality of sickness, this false god of control.

Why does anyone need to know whether there is benign virus material in your saliva? Why aren’t sick people staying home and getting well, like years past? Why is there such a strong push to surveil human DNA and micromanage human body fluids?

Spectrum DNA is a company that is collecting human DNA. The company uses a saliva DNA collection tool; this covid-19 test kit is used as if it’s some kind of bodily requirement, as if it’s some solution to sickness.

People around the country are being told they have to get a negative result using these kits in order to go back to school, work or to travel.

Not only is DNA being harvested during this illegal process, but human beings are being trained to submit their sovereignty to man-made authorities.

This controlling precedent will continue, as people are coerced to give up their bodily rights and mental dignity to more invasive medical procedures, injections and surveillance technology.

JUST SAY NO. No one has a right to your DNA. No one has a right to accuse you of killing people with diseases you do not have.