The Nashville 'suicide Bomber' Narrative Is False Not The Same Rv!

The Nashville ‘Suicide Bomber’ Narrative is False: NOT the Same RV!

The joke of the day is that after analyzing the DNA of the “human remains” found at the scene of the Nashville bomb, the FBI has just declared the bomber “died of covid.”

Given the level of blatant disinformation being pushed by the deep state and a compliant fake news media, no one would be surprised to hear the FBI announce such an absurdity, perhaps followed by Anthony Fauci claiming that if you don’t get a jjab, your vehicle might explode.

But something else just as absurd has now been found by internet sleuths: The RV used in the bombing doesn’t match the RV found in the driveway of the supposed perpetrator.

The Nashville 'suicide Bomber' Narrative Is False Not The Same Rv!

The difference isn’t even subtle. It’s obvious.

With a hat tip to, which pointed out this stunning observation, we can see that the RV depicted in the photo released by law enforcement has a single horizontal pin stripe near the roof, along the entire driver’s side of the vehicle: (see the pin stripe along the edge of the roof).

While the RV parked at the residence of Anthony Quinn Warner — whom the FBI is publicly calling a suicide bomber — has two pin stripes along the driver’s side. In other words, anyone who can count to two can also see that this isn’t the same RV.

The red outline square in the two images above also shows a key difference in the appearance of another feature — possibly a vent — that looks completely different in the two photos.

Check out the pictures below:

Nashville Rv Pin Stripe 1

The Nashville 'suicide Bomber' Narrative Is False Not The Same Rv!

In other words, it’s not the same RV.

Someone in the deep state who was pulling off this bombing of the AT&T / NSA spy hub failed to notice the difference in the vehicles, and they ended up choosing an RV with the wrong number of pin stripes.

(This is easy to overlook, as we didn’t notice this at first either.)

This bombing was a deep state mission to destroy something in the AT&T building… no doubt something related to election rigging

The real target of the bombing was, of course, the equipment found inside the hardened AT&T building:

Att Building Nashville

The entire “Anthony Quinn Warner” suicide story is nothing but a cover story. As a bonus narrative, the establishment is now trying to blame Warner’s actions on “5G paranoia,” simultaneously blaming 5G critics for the bombing that was actually carried out by the deep state, working in conjunction with black hat units inside the US military (Army in particular).

As we reported yesterday, [something that resembles] a “missile trail” is clearly seen dropping from the sky to the ground right before the explosion took place:

Nashville Missile 1

Nashville Missile 3

You can see the alleged “missile trail” timing more clearly in this skyline video, now preserved at

This explosion appears to have initiated slightly above the RV itself, not from within the RV. We are currently calling it a “missile,” although others have pointed out the possibility that this could be the result of a Direct Energy Weapon (DEW) fired from orbiting weapons platforms.

My Situation Update for Dec. 27th reveals more details about this “data wipeout” operation and who’s likely behind it: