Hospitals Not Overwhelmed

Another Lockdown and… the Doctors Are Dancing Again! (Footage of EMPTY Hospitals)

Deja Vu!

Another lockdown and ‘healthcare’ staff in ‘war-zone’ hospitals are dancing again.

Watch the video below:

I will include some of the comments below:

“If the Doctors have that much time on their hands, THERE IS NO PANDEMIC.”

“They are dancing because they haven’t missed a pay cheque…”

“Hospitals are not overwhelmed with patients. It’s all political Bullsh#t.”

“Not only are they not standing up and exposing the scam, they are blatantly and shamelessly dancing on the ruined lives of their fellow countrymen.”

“Another vomit inducing moment.”

“Yep the freaks in the health care dance whilst people lose their jobs, homes, commit suicide and starve. Salt of the earth are they not.”

“As a healthcare worker myself it makes me roll my eyes and smh at how absurd this situation is. The virus is not a threat, but the lockdowns, fines, and mask wearing certainly are.”

“Just proving its all a big show.”

“It shows how fake Covid is. There is no overwhelming of hospitals.”

“How utterly annoying that video is, yeah they’re on the “front lines” lol.”

“Ridiculous!!!! These doctors are bored because the hospitals are EMPTY. Makes me sick to see this !”

“They’ll be dancing 💃 when the healthcare cuts come to them.”

“If they’re so full where do they get time from to dance.”

Here’s a collage of videos recorded with a hidden camera, showing countless EMPTY hospitals all over the world:

Citizen journalists visit their local hospitals all over the world only to find staff doing nothing and beds and hospital wards are completely empty.

Is this a drill? Is this a hoax? Whatever it is… it is NOT what we are being told:

Also read: British Woman Arrested After Filming Inside Empty Hospital, As Sick People Are Denied Treatment (EMPTY Hospitals Everywhere)

Ontario (Canada) MPP Randy Hillier spilling the Beans on this TOTAL COVID BULL…

The total number of patients with COVID in all Ottawa Hospitals (combined), is TWO:

These politicians and News people need to be rounded up and jailed for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.