New World Next Week The Globalists Prepare War On 'domestic Terrorism'

New World Next Week: The Globalists Prepare War on ‘Domestic Terrorism’

Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news.

This week:

Story #1: China’s Xi Warns Davos World Economic Forum Against ‘New Cold War’­LVXQ

Russia to Extend Nuclear Treaty With US After Biden-Putin Phone Call

Globalization is Dead. Long Live the New World Order!

China and the New World Order

COVID Anal Swabs for Beijing Residents More Accurate, Says Chinese Expert

Story #2: Proud Boys Leader Was ‘Prolific’ Informer for Law Enforcement

“Q Anon” May Have Been an FBI Psyop

The Information Warriors Fighting ‘Robot Zombie Army’ of Coronavirus Sceptics­VXWX

PDF: Information Operations Roadmap

Defence Chief Says 77th Brigade Is Countering Covid Misinformation

Story #3: Enemies of the Deep State: The Government’s War on Domestic Terrorism Is a Trap

We Should Be Very Worried About Joe Biden’s “Domestic Terrorism” Bill

Biden Signed More Executive Actions on Day One Than Trump, Obama, Bush Combined

“We Toppled a Dictator!”

Image: Biden Smiles On at Bush Signing the Papers for Gulf War 2 In 2002

Joe Biden Didn’t Just Vote for the Iraq Invasion — He Helped Lead the March to War

Biden’s Key Role in the Crime of the Century: The 2003 U.S. Invasion of Iraq

Biden Considering Reversing Trump’s Drawdown In Iraq After Attack Near US Embassy

A Large US Military Convoy Rolled Into Syria On 1st Day Of Biden Presidency

US Flies B-52s as ‘Show of Force’ Against Iran

GameStop Jumps More Than 130% Even As Hedge Funds Cover Short Bets, Scrutiny of Rally Intensifies

Nasdaq CEO Suggests Halt to Trading to Allow Investors to ‘Recalibrate Their Positions’ After GameStop Surge

​​​​​​​Biden Administration Is “Monitoring” Marketwide Short Squeeze

Want JP Morgan to Crash? Buy Silver. (Dec. 2, 2010)