Mainstream Ufo Disclosure Continues As Cia Releases Thousands Of Ufo Documents

Mainstream UFO Disclosure Continues as CIA Releases Thousands of UFO Documents

by Arjun Walia

President Trump recently signed a bill into law requiring multiple government affiliated organizations, like the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), to release all of the information and data they are withholding from the public pertaining to “Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon” (UAP), also known as Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs).

Mainstream Ufo Disclosure Continues As Cia Releases Thousands Of Ufo Documents

Photo Credit: An Unidentified Flying Object is pictured over Bulawayo, in what is now Zimbabwe. Barney Wayne

In compliance, the CIA released thousands of more documents on top of the millions they’ve released over the past decade. This in no way means that the agency has released “everything they know” with regards to UFOs.

Being a UFO researcher myself for more than fifteen years, I am positive that we will never get more than the tip of the iceberg, officially, when it comes to the knowledge and information that intelligence agencies around the world have gathered about the phenomenon.

This information most likely includes what they are, how they are controlled, where they come from and more.

Nonetheless there are some very interesting documents that clearly indicate these objects are real, that they’ve been tracked on radar, photographed and videotaped performing maneuvers that no man made piece of machinery can.

They are constantly observed defying our known laws of aerodynamics.

UFOs and the extraterrestrial hypothesis are no longer taboo, but what seems to be a concern to many in the field is the fact that mainstream media organizations and governments are in a coordinated process of disclosing the reality of these objects after a decades long campaign of denial, secrecy, and ridicule that placed the subject in the “conspiracy theory” bin.

So the question is, why all of a sudden legitimize the topic?

There are so many examples of mainstream media and the “powers that be” taking legitimate events and twisting the masses perception of them.

Are we going to see the same thing with the UFO phenomenon?

Will there be an unnecessary threat narrative?

Should we rely on ourselves, our own research, information and experiences to explore this topic or should we simply listen to what we are told by governments?

Can we rely on governments and mainstream media for any accurate and honest coverage of this topic?

The phenomenon encompasses a wide range of topics and leaves no aspect of humanity untouched. There are thousands if not millions of examples, cases and “contactees.” We cannot generalize the behaviour these objects and the intelligence behind it based on a few cases that will be made popular within the mainstream…