Eugenicist Billy Boy Calling For A ‘global Alert System’ And ‘pandemic Fire Squad’ To Deal With Next Viral Outbreak He Promises Us Is Coming

Eugenicist Billy Boy Calling for a ‘Global Alert System’ and ‘Pandemic Fire Squad’ to Deal With Next Viral Outbreak He Promises Us is Coming

by Geoffrey Grider

In the annual letter from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Microsoft co-founder calls for billions of dollars in investments to develop a global alert system for emerging germs and build the capacity to respond quickly.

Eugenicist Billy Boy Calling For A ‘global Alert System’ And ‘pandemic Fire Squad’ To Deal With Next Viral Outbreak He Promises Us Is Coming

Billy Boy wants you to know something, another pandemic is coming and… wait for it… he has advance knowledge he wants to share with all of us little, poor people who made him the richest man on the planet.

We need to create a ‘global alert system’ to, you know, keep an eye on stuff, and I am sure that this global system will just happen to link up with the digital identification he created the ID2020 Alliance to create. It’s a Christmas miracle!

“And Jacob called unto his sons, and said, Gather yourselves together, that I may tell you that which shall befall you in the last days.” Genesis 49:1 (KJB)

If by this point you are still on the fence, wondering who is telling you the truth and who is not, I feel sorry for you.

So much end times stuff is happening right now before your very eyes that the term ‘conspiracy theory’ needs to be erased from the lexicon.

None of it’s a theory anymore, it’s real, it’s on and it’s happening. You are now living inside the Bible, and it matters not one whit if you believe it or not.

The portal has been opened and there is no going back. Ready or not, you’re in the end times.

Billy Boy: We must prepare for the next pandemic like we prepare for war

From Seattle Times: Billy Boy has long been sounding the alarm about pandemic dangers, including in a 2015 TED talk that has been viewed more than 39 million times.

While it might have been easy to ignore those warnings when the last major outbreak was a century in the past, that’s no longer possible, he says.

“No one needs to be convinced that an infectious disease could kill millions of people or shut down the global economy.”

Rich countries now need to double down on spending for research and development, he said. That includes work on “mega-diagnostic” testing platforms, which Gates predicts could allow screening of more than 100 million people every week.

Such large-scale testing would be the backbone of the global alert system he envisions, where a rural health-care worker in Zambia or Bangladesh who notices unusual sickness could send specimens for rapid testing and genetic sequencing.

He also argues for the creation of a global corps of 3,000 infectious disease first responders who would spring into action like firefighters when new outbreaks flare anywhere in the world and prevent them from throwing off sparks that lead to runaway spread.

Regular simulations akin to war games — Gates calls them “germ games” — will be vital so health systems and governments will be able to gear up with little warning.

“Speed matters in a pandemic,” Gates wrote. “The faster you act, the faster you cut off exponential growth of the virus.”

Investments in messenger RNA technology laid the groundwork for the speedy development of the two jjabs approved in the U.S. Thanks to that momentum, Gates predicts mRNA “jjabs” will become more stable, easier to store and faster to produce over the next five to 10 years.

Though the presidential election isn’t mentioned in the letter, the Gates Foundation is undoubtedly also looking forward to greater global engagement by the U.S. President Joe Biden has announced the country will rejoin the World Health Organization and contribute to the COVAX Facility — an international fund to purchase jjabs for low income countries.

The letter notes that the latest COVID-19 relief package includes $4 billion for GAVI, an alliance that provides jjabs the world’s poorest people. (Source)

Billy Boy Calls For Pandemic ‘Global Alert System’