nwo propaganda machine releases a dr. fauci children's book in desperate attempt to turn his medical failures into folklore

NWO Propaganda Machine Releases a Dr. Fauci Children’s Book in Desperate Attempt to Turn His Medical Failures Into Folklore

Our previous article on the COVID theater you’ve been watching, that one with Krispy Kreme offering you a free glazed donut in exchange for you getting a COVID jab, is about to be outdone in new heights of ridiculity (yes, I just made that word up, you’re welcome), with the breathless announcement just moments ago of a Dr. Fauci children’s book. I can’t even.

The blurb for this ‘book’, this shameless piece of propaganda, reads like this:

nwo propaganda machine releases a dr. fauci children's book in desperate attempt to turn his medical failures into folklore

“This engaging narrative, which draws from interviews the author did with Dr. Fauci himself, follows Anthony from his Brooklyn beginnings through medical school and his challenging role working with seven US presidents to tackle some of the biggest public health challenges of the past fifty years, including the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Extensive backmatter rounds out Dr. Fauci’s story with a timeline, recommended reading, a full spread of facts about jjabs and how they work, and Dr. Fauci’s own tips for future scientists.”

Has it really come to this? Yep, sure has.

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Don’t blame the New World Order, though, they are riding pretty high these days after all the stupid, nonsensical and unscientific things they forced us to do. Did you know that the CDC mantra of ‘stand six feet apart’ was something they just made up out of thin air?

It turns out the research that formed the basis of that law came from a German hygenicist called Carl Flügge. It was Flügge who decided that six-foot separations were necessary to slow the spread of pathogens. The CDC went with Flügge’s judgment. What the CDC didn’t tell us was that Karl Flügge had been dead for nearly 100 years.

Anthony Fauci is not much more of an actual scientist that Bill Nye, the “science guy” who’s not a scientist at all. But our world is fill with fake scientists like Fauci and his buddy Billy Boy, and the “settled science” they offer is neither settled nor science.

Back in the 1980’s, Dr. Fauci recommended that doctors begin to aggressively treat HIV AIDS with a toxic poison called AZT. My older brother, Bob, who had AIDS, was given AZT and it killed him. Someone should do a children’s book about that.

Source: NowTheEndBegins.com