the enemy within how a totalitarian movement is destroying america

Cancel Culture and Identity Politics are the Road to a One-Party State: ‘Americans Are More Divided Today Than at Any Time Since the Civil War’

America is at war. This time the enemy isn’t on some distant battlefield or hiding in a barren cave thousands of miles away. Instead, the enemy is not only here, but it’s ruling over us.

That’s the powerful message of David Horowitz’s latest book, The Enemy Within: How a Totalitarian Movement is Destroying America. This isn’t just a warning, it’s the reality around us.

the enemy within how a totalitarian movement is destroying america

“Americans are more divided today than at any time since the Civil War,” Horowitz writes.

“In the course of the anti-Trump wars, we have become two nations with little shared ground on the core issues that previously defined us.”

And it’s the Left that brought us to this state, not just in the last five years, but going all the way back to the fundamental strategy of its divisive politics.

In The Enemy Within, Horowitz exposes the Communist roots of identity politics that have been used to turn Americans against each other and reduce them to hostile warring tribes, rather than citizens of a common nation invested in its welfare, success, and prosperity.

Identity politics is the delegitimization of America and Americans. It’s a hate campaign that justifies any extremity, and any attack on the country and her people.

“It is this regressive attack on America’s fundamental principles by the Left that is the source of the irreconcilable conflicts and ugly passions that are currently tearing the nation’s fabric apart,” Horowitz writes.

Class warfare, racial warfare, gender warfare, and the countless other forms of identity politics injected into schools, workplaces, government offices, and every area of life are aimed at forcing Americans to identify radically and tribally, rather than nationally. Divide and conquer.

David Horowitz, a veteran of the radical politics of the Left, has the knowledge, the experience, and the training to expose not just what the movement he was once a part of is doing, but the ideological origins of its tactics, and how they feed it into its dreadful vision for America.

America is delegitimized through revisionist history smears, like the 1619 Project, that rewrite the powerful force for equality and freedom that is the true history of the United States into the big lie of systemic racism, while Americans are accused of various forms of oppressive privilege so that, just by existing, they oppress everyone who does not fit into the same artificial category.

In The Enemy Within, Horowitz tackles the radical and racist roots of these ideas, from Karl Marx to Derrick Bell, a supporter of Farrakhan, and how they exploded into violence and tyranny in the streets of our cities and the halls of power as Black Lives Matter mobs used lies to unleash racist violence and Democrat officials used racist myths to build a one-party state.

But it’s not just BLM.

In chapters such as A Public Hanging, David Horowitz takes on sexism politics, the Women’s March, and the Kavanaugh lynchings which, like the accusations of racism, are typical of the character assassinations, witch hunts, deplatforming, and violence that constitute identity politics.

Identity politics is not driven by the need to elevate a downtrodden group, but, in classic leftist fashion, to identify and destroy political enemies using double standards, lies, and hate. And then to declare a crisis and emergency that will allow the Left to rule a one-party state.

The smears dispensed by the Southern Poverty Law Center (“SPLC”), by the 1619 Project, by the Kavanaugh lynchers, and by every leftist group all come down to the same big goal of eliminating political opponents from public life, and using the false claims of pervasive racism, sexism, and other ‘isms’ to justify the creation of political backlists backed by political terror.

Horowitz documents the ugly history of efforts by the SPLC and other leftist groups to smear him and the Freedom Center that he founded (and for which I work) with the willing participation of major corporations.

As he notes, “The imprimatur of the SPLC guttersnipes… were sufficient to erase who I was and replace me with the political caricature, ‘extremist, white supremacist, sexist, dangerous hatemonger.’”

Similarly, any American can be erased, canceled, and categorized as a bigot at any time with no due process, and no evidence but the social media hashtags of a politically correct lynch mob.

The Enemy Within lays out the last two decades of leftist treason and tyranny, alternating between abusive power and equally abusive subversion, rotting out our institutions, destroying our political culture, and waging a ruthless war against the nation in order to tear it apart.

“The diversity networks in America do not operate in the name of a party, but of a radical ideology that is the antithesis of America’s constitutional framework. Yet they have the backing of America’s major corporate and educational institutions, which gives them the power to infiltrate every nook and cranny,” Horowitz warns.

Their ultimate goal is to make every institution, governmental, business, and non-profit subservient to the Left.

This is the emerging one-party state that The Enemy Within is warning us against in which diversity experts, like the political commissars of the Soviet Union, act as the voice of the party.

“An extremist ideology has been inserted into the cultures of the existing institutions of American society, and a political minority has been put in a position to reshape the whole of American society,” he points out, unveiling the final agenda of the identity politics war on America.

Fascism and Communism have come to America wrapped in the stolen legacy of the civil rights movement, in the looted and tarnished garb of the heroic campaign to end slavery, and in the guise of protecting women, while actually enslaving and threatening all Americans.

The goal of the Left is not rights. It’s never rights; instead it’s absolute power.

Identity politics, like class warfare, is just a means of dividing us into quarreling tribes, inciting violence, and building the emotional sense of crisis to enable a tyrannical one-party state.

The America of Washington and Jefferson, of the Founding Fathers of our nation, whose principles and ideas David Horowitz repeatedly invokes in The Enemy Within, would never tolerate tyrannical rule, speech police, and people looking over their shoulder before speaking.

The only way to take away the freedom of our nation was to divide and conquer, turning Americans against each other, convincing them that their principles and values stood in the way of a utopian society and of a totalitarian regime with the absolute power to achieve it.

That is the one-party state.

It’s this threat of The Enemy Within that David Horowitz, a longtime warrior against the Left, takes on in his latest battle against the nation’s most dangerous enemy ruling over us.

The Enemy Within: How a Totalitarian Movement is Destroying America is an important read for anyone who wants to understand the agenda and the threat to our nation and to ourselves.

By Daniel Greenfield. He is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.