german police shut down 'boystown' child sex abuse platform

German Police Shut Down ‘Boystown’ Child Sex Abuse Platform ‘With 400,000 Members’

Police in Germany took down a giant pedophile site dubbed “Boystown” last month following a massive multi-jurisdiction investigation that spanned months, police revealed Monday.

german police shut down 'boystown' child sex abuse platform


The “darknet” site, which had been active since June 2019 and boasted more than 400,000 members, “provided a space for users to share recordings of abuse of minors including ‘of the most serious sexual abuse of young children,’” according to Deutsche-Welles.

After working with Europol and investigators in the US, Netherlands, Sweden and Australia, the Federal Criminal Police Office of Germany carried out a number of raids in April targeting four Germans suspected to be platform administrators, arresting at least one man in Paraguay who they also believe is an administrator and the site’s largest contributor.

“The platform included several communication channels for users,” reports DW.

“The members also received advice from platform administrators for how to access the site in the most secure way and how best to avoid detection and subsequent criminal charges.”

Police say they were successfully able to shut the site down and other related chat platforms.

DW reporter Janina Semenova celebrated the arrests as “a major sensation for German investigators,” but cautioned that “when a platform was taken down in the past users simply formed a new one.”