operation highjump aliens

From Operation Highjump to Aliens on Earth, Almost Everything We’ve Been Taught is Wrong

Is almost everything that we’ve been taught about history wrong, a series of coverups of gigantic proportions? In this series of stories exploring what the globalists love to call ‘conspiracy theories’, Kalbo breaks down those ‘conspiracy theories’, with this story part 3 of that series. Part 1 can be found here and part 2 found here.

In the only video at the bottom of this story, Steve Quayle joined Mike Adams to discuss some of the topics discussed in this story, UFOs, Mars, ancient aliens and the satanic war on humanity. Steve also had put out an excellent book examining this subject in “Empire Beneath The Ice.”

operation highjump aliens

The term “Conspiracy Theory” is used as by those in power to malign and denigrate any questioning of their criminal activity. It is the equivalent of shutting down debate by calling the opposition party a racist.

When a person is caught cheating on their spouse, or on a work assignment, they often try to conceal their guilt with rage at or ridicule of the revealer. To discover the truth of anything, search where you receive the most resistance…. you are now over the target.

Below are secrets, crimes, and coverups that have been dismissed as Conspiracy Theories. I offer up a counter theory to each event, supported by facts revealed slowly over time by those involved, declassified documents, suppressed or deleted witness statements, and little known or hidden evidence.

Conspiracy Theories Debunked

Operation HighJump: was a US military mission to Antartica in 1946. It was led by Adm Byrd.

Official Version: 13 ships and 33 planes were sent on a mission to Antartica to train in cold weather environments, to expand the sovereignty of the US over the continent, and to study the feasibility of frozen runways for use by military aircraft. The mission ran into mishaps and weather causing a retreat from the mission.

The Truth: The Nazis were being helped in their technology since the 1930s, by the reptilian ETs, known as the Dracos. The Dracos have been using Earth for thousands of years as a base of operations, and using humans as a food source. The Germans were very open about exploring the antarctic in 1938-9, calling it New Schwabenland.

The Nazis were able to construct antigravity saucers, but they were unable, with their present technology, to use them successfully in the war. The anti-gravity pods were arranged around the circumference of the craft. Propulsion depending upon varying the gravity effect of each pod with extreme precision. The Nazis did not have computers, so they flew the saucers with knobs and dials, which proved difficult.

The armament consisted of the usual cannons and machine guns, which also proved difficult to aim while the saucer rocked around. The saucers were built with existing steel boiler plate technology, and so would have been vulnerable to weapons fire from Allied aircraft and ground units. They were also limited to low atmospheric flight.

The Nazis were able to use the saucers for transport to the south pole, where the Dracos had constructed a very very large underground base. The base has an entrance near the top of a mountain, with a shaft proceeding past ground level and into the bedrock. The base is miles square, with tunnels leading to several other miles square base/cities.

The Nazis had retreated there at the end of the war. Several submarines had failed to surrender to the Allies, and had traveled to Antartica. Adm Byrd and the Allies knew this from captured Nazi soldiers, freed slave workers, and captured documents. The Allies did not know the extent of the Nazi base. Adm Byrd did not believe stories of the Dracos.

Admiral Byrd‘s mission was to eradicate the remaining Nazi base and soldiers. Upon arrival in Antartica, Adm Byrd attacked the base, but was defeated when the US fighter planes were shot down by light beams from ET craft, or crashed into invisible barriers (force fields). Several ships were lost as well as almost every plane.

Who Benefited: Since this was a defeat for the US, there was no ultimate benefit. It was planned to be the final defeat of the remainder of the Nazi military which had not surrendered.

The coverup did benefit the Truman Administration, who would not tell the world that there were still Nazi soldiers left alive and at war. One year later, Truman would be faced with the Roswell crash, and hard proof of the alien presence on Earth.

The Nazis benefited from the technology transfer from the Dracos, as well as protection from the Allies by becoming “guests” in the Antartica base. The Dracos benefited by having a captive, breeding worker class of humans, and a food source. The Nazis still serve today as workers and soldiers for the Dracos, and not just on the Earth. The Dracos, no doubt, have other bases and trouble spots in the galaxy that need expendable soldiers.


Extra-terrestrials: any being, vehicle, item, or rock that is not from the Earth. Most often used to refer to a humanoid species.

Official Version: ETs do not exist. Maybe ETs exist. It is possible ETs exist, but they are not a threat to Earth.

The Truth: It is not only possible, but 99.999% likely that other intelligent humanoid beings exist in the Universe. The big question is whether or not they are on the Earth now, or in the past. Answer is YES to both.

We take it without question, that our present day astronomers are able to discover planets orbiting other stars in out galaxy. We also accept that they are able to determine if the planets are rocky, or gas giants, and if they are in the “habitable zone”, where life can exist. Isn’t it possible, if not very likely, that ET civilizations have done similar observations? Isn’t then possible for those ET civilizations to eventually journey to Earth once they achieve interstellar travel? Isn’t it possible for multiple ET civilizations to have discovered us, and made the trip millennia ago?

It is said that any sufficiently advanced technology cannot be discerned from magic. The greater the technology difference between a primitive society and the advanced society, the greater the control over the lesser society. With sufficient technology, an advanced being could appear as a god.

This is precisely what has happened in human history. Roman and Greek mythology is really about ET beings, and their interactions with Earth civilizations. Zeus’s lightning bolt was advanced ET technology. Gods living in the clouds were ETs in antigravity craft. The chimera’s: Satyrs, Centaurs, Gorgons, Griffins, Minotaurs, and Pegasus may have been actual genetically manipulated beings.

The Bible has stories of Nephilum and Giants in the books of Ezekiel and Kings. Petroglyphs that are thousands of years old, show obvious astronauts and beings in spacesuits. Stone Age cave paintings show beings in spacesuits. Legends in India tell of gods in fiery chariots called Vimanas.

The Dogon tribe knew of Sirius having a binary twin decades before it was discovered by astronomers. Aztec carvings show helmeted spacemen. The Temple of Seti at Abydos has hieroglyphics of spacecraft, a helicopter, and a submarine. The tomb of Pharaoh Tut contained golden models of jet aircraft.

The Earth has been visited and victimized by numerous ETs since before recorded history. Earth has also been the battlefield for ET wars. The Earth, Luna, Mars, and the moons of Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune have been mined for resources by ET. There are buildings and artifacts on Luna, and on Mars and Phobos that have been photographed. The evidence that other civilizations have been on the Earth is overwhelming.

So, what about present day? Are there ETs among us. Again, absolutely. First there is the incident related above, Operation HighJump. Second, there are the numerous crashes of ET vehicles, not just Roswell, but many others, such as the ship at the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

There is the fact of numerous cattle mutilations and human abductions. We have recovered strange implants in people. There are multiple whistleblower reports of ETs living underground at Dolce base, as well as the occasional cave spelunker that has encountered an ET.

Then again we have the elongated skulls in the museum in Peru, the Atacama Humanoid, and the 3 fingered mummy. DNA analysis of each one’s FOXP2 gene shows that none is human.

Then there is the inconvenient truth about Valiant Thor. In 1957, a spacecraft (UFO) landed in Alexandria, Va, not far from Wash DC. A policeman witnessed this, and then saw a white man exit the vehicle, and ask to be taken to see the President. Thor was then given an apartment in the Pentagon, where he stayed for three years. Thor said he was from Venus, where his people lived underground.

Thor was a “manufactured human”, in that he had 6 fingers and toes; one huge lung, one huge heart, no naval (belly button), and an apparent IQ off the scale. He spoke over 100 languages. His blood vessels are larger and carry hemocyanin-based blood. Hemocyanin blood is blue, and is found on earth in shellfish and insects.

He brought two others with him from Venus, a man and a woman. His purpose was to convince the leaders of Earth to give up war, especially nuke war, and in exchange, he offered a cure for all diseases and unlimited energy. His offer was refused, perhaps due to bad timing. If he had landed during the 1800s, or even as late as WWI, the offer would have received greater acceptance.

I could write another 6000 words on the ET presence, but I will end it with this: The conversation about the existence of extra-terrestrial life contains not just the truth, but dis-information, truth mixed with dis-information, exaggerated truth, out-right lies, falsified evidence, altered evidence, whistle-blowers, fake whistle-blowers, dead whistle-blowers, crack-pots, fortune-seekers, fame-seekers, frightened witnesses, intimidated witnesses, and dead witnesses.

As with other conspiracy theories, the truth is always revealed but not necessarily recognized as such. If you listen carefully to every word, you will hear the truth, but the truth will be mixed in with all the above skullduggery. It is up to each of us to decide. Use logic, not emotion. Even in the most fantastic dis-information, there will be a snippet of truth that you can extract. Collect enough snippets of truth and you can build a mountain of facts.

starchild skull

Starchild Skull: Lloyd Pye claims to have obtained a strange skull from Ray and Melanie Young of El Paso, Texas, in February 1999, stating that the skull was found around 1930 in a mine tunnel about 100 miles southwest of Chihuahua, Mexico, buried alongside a normal human skeleton that was exposed and lying supine on the surface of the tunnel.

Official Version: The Starchild skull is part of a malformed human skull of a child who likely died as a result of congenital hydrocephalus. It received widespread publicity after Lloyd Pye claimed it was of extraterrestrial origin.

The Truth: When in doubt, check the DNA. Well, they are. The entire genome has not been sequenced yet, mostly due to resistance from the scientific community to get involved in anything that may affect their future grants and funding from foundations and governments. But, the parts that have been sequenced, show the skull belonged to an adult (fully developed molars), the skull bone is very thin and contains fibers throughout, as well as residue in the marrow channels. Human skulls are 4 times thicker, do not contain fibers, and the marrow in the bone channels rots away very quickly after death, leaving no traces.

Most revealing of all is in the partially completed DNA analysis, They have sequenced the part of Chromosome #7, known as FOXP2. This gene sequence exists from position 114,086,327 to 114,693,772. This particular gene is exactly the same in all humans. If your FOXP2 gene varies from the human sequence, you are not human.

All mammals have this FOXP2 area. Monkey’s sequence varies by 1 difference. Horses vary by 17. The Starchild varies by 56. The Starchild is not human.

The opinions expressed in this story are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of ANP.