dhs insider blows whistle on global child sex trafficking cartels exploiting immigration loophole

DHS Insider Blows Whistle on Global Child Sex Trafficking Cartels Exploiting Immigration Loophole

A Department of Homeland Security insider has come forward to Project Veritas to blow the whistle on how international cartels exploit U.S. immigration loopholes to carry out massive child sex trafficking operations.

Every single one of these transnational criminal organizations are involved in sex trafficking,” says insider.

dhs insider blows whistle on global child sex trafficking cartels exploiting immigration loophole

The whistleblower sat down with Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe to lay out how exactly these criminal networks get around immigration law.

“Once an [illegal immigrant] informs the U.S. government that they have some type of fear, or that their life is in jeopardy, or they’ll be persecuted, or they may be tortured, they are put in what’s called the ‘reasonable fear [category]’…Once [a migrant gang member] makes the declaration of, ‘My life is in danger and I may be harmed if I return home,’ they’re taken off the [Transnational Organized Crime] watchlist. That makes it a giant loophole,” the whistleblower revealed. 

“It’s almost like they [migrant gang members] are coached, ‘Hey if you get caught, just go ahead and say this.’”

The whistleblower said the federal government allows these gang members to work legally within America despite them being flagged on a Transnational Organized Crime watchlist.

“These are the people that are causing danger in those foreign countries. That’s why they’re on the Transnational Organized Crime [TOC] watchlist,” he said.

“So, they are allowed to stay in the country while they wait for the asylum claims… They will be able to file for what is called the Employment Authorization Card. This essentially is a work permit, and they’re allowed to stay legally under the protections of this [permit].”

The whistleblower said most transnational gangs are involved in child sex trafficking because it’s a lucrative black market industry.

“This to me is a bigger problem than terrorism is right now within the country… Every single one of these Transnational Criminal Organizations are involved in sex trafficking,” he said. “Children are the most vulnerable population of any society. So, when you’re sending kids to a place with no family [accompanying them] – or when the only family or guardians [they have] are known gang members, they’re even more vulnerable.”

The insider criticized the mainstream media for abandoning its duty to report this kind of information, leaving Project Veritas to fill the void of the collapsing fourth estate.

If I was to go to any other media organization [besides Project Veritas], like The Washington Post or CNN — they’re just mouthpieces for the administration… they won’t report the information,” they said.

Source and reference: InfoWars.com; Project Veritas YouTube