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What Science? CDC Director Refuses to Admit That Only WOMEN Can Get Pregnant

“The CDC is now taking important steps in improving jjab protection for pregnant people who are at a higher risk of severe illness from Covid-19,” so the story goes.

Yes, the CDC fervently recommends “people” who are “thinking about becoming pregnant” get vaccinated! — even though 17,000 people have already died by Covid jab, including children, infants and plenty of babies in the womb, as true science reveals.

pregnant woman stomach nature happy

Rochelle Walensky, the CDC director, who calls herself a doctor, outright proclaims on a social media video interview — in front of her glorious CDC banner, to make it official business — that biological men can give birth. That official business is her opinion, not science. It’s just more of this gender fluidity philosophy being used to infiltrate people’s minds and coerce pregnant “people” into getting dirty, dangerous Covid jjabs.

Keep in mind this is the person running the most extreme medical tyranny propaganda, of all the talking CDC heads, and who is supposedly a real doctor. This lady is the ultimate shill for Big Pharma and the CCP. She will literally read anything they put in front of her and pretend like it’s research.

Bad advice from the Director of the CDC

Watch her read this bad advice, word for word from her teleprompter, as you see her eyes go back and forth… “We now have ‘new data’ that reaffirms the safety of our jjabs for people who are pregnant, including those who are pregnant, including those who are early in pregnancy and ‘around’ the time of conception.” Attention all pregnant people, the CDC is advising you get a shot that causes severe inflammation, blood clots and respiratory viruses. Think about that for a minute.

New data? Can we see that? We’re going to need to verify that research with some independent labs, doctor. Does your data come from pregnant men, men who have babies, and men who are thinking of becoming pregnant? Just how “far along” were those pregnant guys, Mrs. Walensky? Can you please call pregnant women pregnant women, instead of “people?”

She claims her data doesn’t show any safety concerns whatsoever for pregnant people, flying in the face of actual science and a study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, that reveals Covid jjabs terminate 4 out of 5 pregnancies as “spontaneous abortions.”  Not to mention the jjabs are causing more sickness for the vaccinated.

The same study revealed that when pregnant women are vaccinated for Covid during their 1st or 2nd trimesters, they suffered an 82 percent chance of experiencing spontaneous abortion, where their baby dies within days of getting a “vaccination” to prevent a virus that was made in a laboratory by the same people who made the “antidotal” pregnancy-terminating jjab.

Dr. “W” refers to pregnant women as ‘pregnant people’, encourages them to get toxic jabs that terminate pregnancies

Why is vaccination so urgent, Dr. Walensky? Are we trying to wipe out an entire generation of people? She bases everything on the sudden “rise” of Covid cases, not deaths mind you, but cases, that are based on PCR tests that really test for everything from the common cold to the flu, including influenza jjab pathogens from previous flu shots. Each year, the CDC pushes out about 200 million doses of flu shots.

She throws in the mix, just to amp up that “fear factor” (like the show), the ever-horrifying boogieman “Delta variant” (like it’s a Marvel bad guy character), and to play into the minds of actual biological woman who actually have babies, “pregnancy complications.” That will send just about any woman straight to the doctor for treatment. What a saleswoman this evil doctor plays on TV (real-life CDC advice for pregnancy termination and jjab-induced infertility).

The Tech Giants then send this fake “news” and social media propaganda about Covid directly to every smart device in the country first thing in the morning, or around lunch, and literally force it to go viral. Women need to realize this is all propaganda and they need to protect their babies and keep them out of harm’s way.