back in 2019 fauci said masking and social distancing was 'paranoia,' urging healthy eating and exercise instead

Back in 2019 Fauci Said Masking and Social Distancing Was ‘Paranoia,’ Urging Healthy Eating and Exercise Instead

In a little-known interview from early 2019 that recently resurfaced, Tony Fauci told David Rubenstein of “The David Rubenstein Show” that the best way to stay healthy against viruses is not to wear a mask or social distance, but rather to eat healthy, exercise and do “positive” things instead.

back in 2019 fauci said masking and social distancing was 'paranoia,' urging healthy eating and exercise instead

Almost a full year before the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) made its appearance, Fauci was scoffing at the idea of doing “paranoid” things like covering one’s face with Chinese cloth and treating other human beings like the walking plague.

“No, no, no!” Fauci interjected while laughing as Rubenstein suggested wearing a mask and social distancing as a way to stay safe and protected against infectious disease.

“You avoid all the paranoid aspects and do something positive,” Fauci added in giggling condescension at Rubenstein’s mere suggestion that wrapping one’s face in a diaper might help to prevent infection.

“A) good diet, b) you don’t smoke, I know. I know you don’t drink, at least not very much, so that’s pretty good. Get some exercise – I know that you don’t get as much exercise as you should. Get good sleep – I think that the normal, low-tech, healthy things are the best thing that you can do, David, to stay healthy.”

In other words, speaking as Rubenstein’s doctor, Fauci recommended all of the things that we have been recommending for the past year and a half, only to be called “conspiracy theorists” who are spreading “misinformation” about the Wuhan Flu.

Which Fauci do you believe: the 2019 version or the 2021 version?

The irony of this interview is that the Fauci from back in 2019 would today be banned from Twitter for spreading “disinformation” about how to stay safe and protected against Chinese Germs.

If Fauci version 2019 was walking around today talking like he did to Rubenstein back then, television talking-heads and Big Tech executives would be calling him a quack and a “crazy Trump supporter” while demanding his immediate resignation.

Somehow, we are supposed to believe Fauci v.2020 and v.2021 instead of Fauci v.2019, for reasons that remain unknown. Just “believe the science,” even when that science contradicts itself from month to month and year to year with no logical explanation for the variances.

America would be much better off if there was no Fauci in the picture at all. If we have to have him, though, it would be better to get back v.2019 as opposed to v.2021, would you not agree?

The current Fauci pays no regard to the Constitution and sees nothing wrong with murdering people via Fauci Flu shots, lockdowns, universal masking and other life-destroying interventions that are ripping apart society and destroying the world.

Seeing as how Fauci’s career as a taxpayer-funded criminal dates back decades, it is surprising that even as recent as 2019 he was actually dispensing fairly decent advice that did not involve pharmaceutical injections and dehumanizing face “accessories” as the “cures” for disease.

Things obviously changed dramatically for the worst once 2020 came along, and the rest is history. But it is important to draw to people’s attention that Fauci is all over the map with his ‘advice’, depending on the way the wind blows, apparently.

“I can’t believe what I’m hearing. Common sense – do things to prepare one’s body to fight off infections naturally?” jokingly wrote one Twitter user in response to the Fauci v.2019 video.

“Where is this in today’s public health message? It’s laughable – today the only defense is perpetual gene therapy. Follow the money.”

Another jokingly responded:

“Who are you to question the sophisticated, vaccinated, 21-gendered virologists of Twitter? Hmmm??”

By Ethan Huff,