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Monty Python Comedian John Cleese Cancels Himself ‘Before Someone Else Does’: ‘I Am Blacklisting Myself’

Monty Python comedian John Cleese has pulled out of a scheduled speech at Cambridge University, announcing that he is canceling himself “before someone else does.”

"creativity: a short and cheerful guide" by john cleese photocall

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Cleese, who ironically was scheduled to bring along a film crew as part of a documentary on cancel culture called “Cancel Me,” didn’t even make it that far after the ‘debating society’ at the University banned another guest, art critic Andrew Graham-Dixon, for impersonating Adolf Hitler.

Given that Cleese has impersonated Hitler, and Nazis multiple times as part of comedy sketches and shows, he took the decision to ‘blacklist’ himself as a protest against the University’s woke move.

Cleese added that he would be happy to do the talk somewhere else “where woke rules do not apply” and where he doesn’t have to “walk on eggshells”:

The comedian then responded to those who continued to be offended:

Here’s an example of Cleese doing Hitler on Monty Python:

Cleese has long been outspoken against cancel culture, previously slamming permanently offended woke people, insisting that they have no sense of humour and are contributing to the death of comedy.

The comedian also made headlines earlier this year by tweeting out an ‘apology’ for using ‘white English people’ as the butt of the joke in past sketches, a reaction to The Simpsons actor Hank Azaria apologising for voicing an Indian character.

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