german mep declares solidarity with australians battling covid tyranny 'we will fight'

German MEP Declares Solidarity With Australians Battling COVID Tyranny: ‘We Will Fight’

A German official has announced her “full solidarity” with Australians and others battling authoritarian governments as they roll out unprecedented medical tyranny across the globe.

by Dan Lyman

german mep declares solidarity with australians battling covid tyranny 'we will fight'

Christine Anderson, a Member of European Parliament (MEP), has broken with the vast majority of her contemporaries in staunchly opposing COVID restrictions and injection mandates.

“Dear citizens of Australia, your SOS call for the revival of democracy has reached me,” Anderson said in social media posts timed to coincide with international protests against the Australian regime on December 4.

“I am a German member of the E.U. Parliament and with my response to your SOS I declare my full solidarity with all free citizens of Australia. I will stand with you in your fight against an oppressive and treacherous government that tramples on civil rights, freedom and humanity.”

In an accompanying video transmission, MEP Anderson stressed the urgency of the moment, warning that free and democratic societies are being rapidly transformed into totalitarian regimes.

“You need to understand – it isn’t about breaking the ‘fourth wave.’ It is all about breaking people,” she asserted. “Australia does not need a ‘no-COVID strategy.’ What Australia needs is a no oppression strategy. Let’s all stand united and make it clear to our governments: We will not be silent. We will not comply. No. We will fight any government trying to subject us to tyranny. We are in this together.”

Anderson recently joined a handful of fellow MEPs in denouncing forced vaccinations and COVID restrictions being imposed across Europe.

“I will not be reduced to a mere guinea pig by getting vaccinated with an experimental drug. And I will most assuredly not get vaccinated because my government tells me to, and promises, in return, I will be granted freedom,” Anderson vowed during a fiery press conference in October.

“Let’s be clear about one thing: No one grants me freedom, for I am a free person. So I dare the European Commission and the German government to throw me in jail. Lock me up and throw away the key for all I care, but you will never be able to coerce me into being vaccinated if I, the free citizen that I am, choose not to be vaccinated.”

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