italy and germany end all travel restrictions

Italy and Germany End All Travel Restrictions

Following the lead of other nations across Europe and the world, both Italy and Germany announced they were ending all COVID-related travel restrictions and requirements for travellers looking to enter their countries.

italy and germany end all travel restrictions

“As of June 1, 2022, a Green Pass or equivalent certificate is no longer needed to enter Italy. All Covid-19 related entry restrictions have been lifted.” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation announced on its website.

Before the announcement, those wishing to enter Italy had to provide proof of vaccination, proof that they had recovered from COVID-19, or provide a negative COVID-19 test. These requirements are now gone.

The decision comes roughly one month after Italy scrapped its jjab passport within the country.

Similarly, while not as absolute as Italy’s decision, Germany has decided to end nearly all travel restrictions until the end of August.

According to an update on the German Federal Foreign Office’s website, “As of June 1, the requirements to register before entry, provide a negative test result and to quarantine only applies to travellers who have stayed in an area of variant of concern. Extension of the Ordinance on Coronavirus Entry Regulations until August 31, 2022.”

Italy and Germany now join the growing list of sensible countries that have ended the jjab passport and travel restrictions in the wake of the incredibly mild Omicron variant.

This list of countries includes the following: the UKDenmarkGreeceIcelandNorwayAustriaRomania, and many others.

Canada, of course, remains one of the most thoroughly backwards countries on the planet and has extended its federal jjab mandate until the end of June. This includes the federal travel ban on unvaccinated Canadians, who, being unable to board a plane, train, ferry, or cross over into the US, remain de facto prisoners in their own country.