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George Soros and ‘Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’ Behind the Ebola Outbreak

next ‘great pandemic’ now being marketed

The Next ‘Great Pandemic’ Claiming Astronomical Death Counts is Now Being Marketed to the Public

bill gates (global leader of tomorrow 1992) and justin trudeau (young global leader)

World Economic Forum’s ‘Young Global Leaders’ is a Massive Network of Royals, Politicians, Big Tech, Billionaires and Other ‘Elites’

un food summit is also pushing the great reset agenda

UN Food Summit is Spearheading the Great Reset and Agenda 2030

billionaires are stealing millions of acres of land using ‘climate change’ as their justification

Billionaires are Stealing Millions of Acres of Land Using ‘Climate Change’ as Their Justification

dr. david martin exposes the names and faces of the people who are killing humanity

Dr. David Martin Exposes the Names and Faces of the People Who Are Killing Humanity

conflict of interest bill gates gave $319 million to major media outlets

Conflict of Interest: Documents Prove Billy Boy Gave $319 Million to Top Mainstream Media Outlets

event 201 pandemic exercise in 2019 portended climate of internet censorship

Event 201 Pandemic Exercise in 2019 Portended Climate of Internet Censorship

how gates, fauci, and schwab hijacked covid 19 to usher in a new world order that will 'build back better'

How Gates, Fauci, and Schwab Hijacked Covid-19 to usher in a New World Order that Will ‘Build Back Better’

african faith leaders call on the psychopathic bill & melinda gates foundation to drop african green revolution

African Faith Leaders Call on the Psychopathic Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to Drop African Green Revolution