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Explosive Military Documents: EcoHealth Alliance Asked DARPA to Fund Gain of Function Research of Bat Borne Coronaviruses in 2018 – DARPA Refused, But Fauci’s NIAID Moved the Research in Wuhan, China and at Several Sites Across the U.S. – Also, Ivermectin Cures COVID

patent shows that darpa built covid with the help of bill gates & who

Patent Shows that DARPA Built Covid with the Help of Billy Boy & WHO

darpa linked company took over huge 'chunk' of pentagon's internet on biden's inauguration day

DARPA-Linked Company Took Over HUGE ‘Chunk’ of Pentagon’s Internet on Biden’s Inauguration Day

always the plan darpa reveals they are working on a human implantable biometric microchip to fight against the covid virus

Always the Plan: DARPA Reveals They Are Working on a Human Implantable Biometric Microchip to Fight Against the COVID Virus

Darpa Microchip

The Age of the Microchip is HERE: DARPA Biochip to ‘Save’ Us from COVID Can Control Human DNA

A Darpa Funded Implantable Biochip To Detect Covid 19 Could Hit Markets By 2021

A DARPA-Funded Implantable Biochip to Detect COVID-19 Could Hit Markets by 2021

Fda Approved, Darpa Funded, Under The Skin Biosensor To Detect Signs Of Illness

FDA Approved, DARPA Funded, Under-the-Skin Biosensor to Detect Signs of Illness

Darpa Dod Billy Boy Foundation Gene Editing

Billy Boy’ Foundation Working With DARPA On Gene Editing


DARPA Just Asked Twitter for Their Secret Urban Underground Facility


DARPA Sets Its Sights on the Alt Media: Pentagon Launches New Program to Fight “Viral” Internet Content